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Splitting a genus--photos in limbo?

Okay experts...I need help (I think).

I noticed this afternoon that the genus Sitticus was split by Proszysnki in April and adopted by the World Spider Catalog. I created the genus Attulus , tagged the guide page for Sitticus ammophilus (the former genus this species was assigned to) and moved it to the new genus. After editing the info page to update the genus and indicate the significant move, I went to move the pictures. Are they in limbo? They appear to be under Sitticus but also Attulus. Do those images just migrate on their own during some update?

This just happened to me with Ocyptamus
It is a relief to find this post :)

eventually the images catch up to the species page move.
PS - Looks like they are already moved.

As always, you are so helpful.