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Subfamily Scolytinae - Bark and Ambrosia Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Curculionoidea - Snout and Bark Beetles
Family Curculionidae - Snout and Bark Beetles
Subfamily Scolytinae - Bark and Ambrosia Beetles

Tribe Hylesinini - Crenulate Bark Beetles
Subtribe Hylastina
Genus Hylastes
Species gracilis - Hylastes gracilis
Species longicollis - Hylastes longicollis
Species macer - Hylastes macer
Species nigrinus - Douglas Fir Root Bark Beetle
Species opacus - Hylastes opacus
Species porculus - Hylastes porculus
Species salebrosus - Hylastes salebrosus
Species tenuis - Hylastes tenuis
Genus Hylurgops
Species palliatus - Hylurgops palliatus
Species pinifex - Hylurgops pinifex
Species porosus - Hylurgops porosus
Species reticulatus - Hylurgops reticulatus
Species rugipennis - Hylurgops rugipennis
Species subcostulatus - Hylurgops subcostulatus
Genus Scierus
Species pubescens - Scierus pubescens
Species annectans - Scierus annectans
Subtribe Hylesinina
Genus Hylastinus
Species obscurus - Clover Root Borer
Genus Hylesinus
Species aculeatus - Eastern Ash Bark Beetle
Species californicus - Western Ash Bark Beetle
Species criddlei - Hylesinus criddlei
Species fasciatus - Hylesinus fasciatus
Species mexicanus - Hylesinus mexicanus
Species pruinosus - Hylesinus pruinosus
Genus Alniphagus
Species aspericollis - Alder Bark Beetle
Subtribe Hylurgina
Genus Dendroctonus
Species adjunctus - Round-headed Pine Beetle
Species brevicomis - Dendroctonus brevicomis
Species frontalis - Southern Pine Beetle
Species jeffreyi - Jeffrey Pine Beetle
Species mexicanus - Dendroctonus mexicanus
Species murrayanae - Lodgepole Pine Beetle
Species ponderosae - Mountain Pine Beetle
Species pseudotsugae - Douglas-fir Beetle
Species rufipennis - Spruce Beetle
Species simplex - Eastern Larch Beetle
Species terebrans - Black Turpentine Beetle
Species valens - Red Turpentine Beetle
Genus Hylurgus
Species ligniperda - Red-haired Pine Bark Beetle
Genus Hylurgopinus
Species rufipes - Native Elm Bark Beetle
Genus Pseudohylesinus
Species grandis - Pseudohylesinus grandis
Species granulatus - Pseudohylesinus granulatus
Species maculosus - Pseudohylesinus maculosus
Species nebulosus - Pseudohylesinus nebulosus
Species pini - Pseudohylesinus pini
Species sericeus - Pseudohylesinus sericeus
Species tsugae - Pseudohylesinus tsugae
Genus Xylechinus
Species montanus - Xylechinus montanus
Genus Tomicus
Species piniperda - Pine Shoot Beetle
Subtribe Bothrosternina
Genus Cnesinus
Species strigicollis - Cnesinus strigicollis
Genus Pagiocerus
Species frontalis - Pagiocerus frontalis
Subtribe Phloeotribina
Genus Phloeotribus
Species dentifrons - Phloeotribus dentifrons
Species frontalis - Phloeotribus frontalis
Species lecontei - Phloeotribus lecontei
Species liminaris - Peach Bark Beetle
Species pseudoscabricollis - Phloeotribus pseudoscabricollis
Species texanus - Phloeotribus texanus
Species piceae - Phloeotribus piceae
Subtribe Phloeosinina
Genus Chramesus
Species chapuisii - Chramesus chapuisii
Species hicoriae - Chramesus hicoriae
Species mimosae - Chramesus mimosae
Species subopacus - Chramesus subopacus
Genus Dendrosinus
Species bourreriae - Dendrosinus bourreriae
Genus Phloeosinus - Cedar Bark Beetles
Species armatus - Phloeosinus armatus
Species antennatus - Phloeosinus antennatus
Species canadensis - Phloeosinus canadensis
Species cupressi - Phloeosinus cupressi
Species dentatus - Phloeosinus dentatus
Species pini - Phloeosinus pini
Species punctatus - Western Cedar Bark Beetle
Species scopulorum - Phloeosinus scopulorum
Species sequoiae - Phloeosinus sequoiae
Species serratus - Phloeosinus serratus
Species vandykei - Phloeosinus vandykei
Subtribe Hypoborina
Genus Chaetophloeus
Species heterodoxus - Chaetophloeus heterodoxus
Species penicillatus - Chaetophloeus penicillatus
Genus Liparthrum
Species squamosum - Liparthrum squamosum
Subtribe Polygraphina
Genus Carphobius
Species arizonicus - Carphobius arizonicus
Genus Carphoborus
Species bicornus - Carphoborus bicornus
Species blaisdelli - Carphoborus blaisdelli
Species carri - Carphoborus carri
Species declivis - Carphoborus declivis
Species frontalis - Carphoborus frontalis
Species simplex - Carphoborus simplex
Genus Polygraphus
Species rufipennis - Four-eyed Spruce Bark Beetle
Tribe Scolytini - Typical Bark Beetles
Subtribe Scolytina
Genus Cnemonyx
Species ficus - Cnemonyx ficus
Genus Scolytus
Species mali - Larger Shothole Borer
Species multistriatus - Smaller European Elm Bark Beetle
Species muticus - Hackberry Engraver
Species piceae - Scolytus piceae
Species quadrispinosus - Hickory Bark Beetle
Species rugulosus - Shothole Borer
Species schevyrewi - Banded Elm Bark Beetle
Subtribe Hexacolina
Genus Pycnarthrum
Species hispidum - Pycnarthrum hispidum
Genus Scolytodes
Species schwarzi - Scolytodes schwarzi
Subtribe Micracidina
Genus Hylocurus
Species carinifrons - Hylocurus carinifrons
Species hirtellus - Hylocurus hirtellus
Species langstoni - Hylocurus langstoni
Species parkinsoniae - Hylocurus parkinsoniae
Species rudis - Hylocurus rudis
Species spadix - Hylocurus spadix
Genus Micracis
Species lignator - Micracis lignator
Species suturalis - Micracis suturalis
Species swainei - Micracis swainei
Genus Micracisella
Species nanula - Micracisella nanula
Species opacicollis - Micracisella opacicollis
Species opacithorax - Micracisella opacithorax
Genus Pseudothysanoes
Species rigidus - Pseudothysanoes rigidus
Species turnbowi - Pseudothysanoes turnbowi
Genus Stenoclyptus
Species sulcatus - Stenoclyptus sulcatus
Genus Thysanoes
Species texanus - Thysanoes texanus
Species fimbricornis - Thysanoes fimbricornis
Subtribe Cactopinina
Genus Cactopinus
Species rhois - Cactopinus rhois
Species desertus - Cactopinus desertus
Species pini - Cactopinus pini
Subtribe Ipina
Genus Ips
Species avulsus - Small Southern Pine Engraver
Species borealis - Ips borealis
Species calligraphus - Coarsewriting Engraver
Species concinnus - Ips concinnus
Species confusus - Ips confusus
Species emarginatus - Ips emarginatus
Species grandicollis - Eastern Five-Spined Engraver
Species paraconfusus - Ips paraconfusus
Species perturbatus - Northern spruce engraver
Species pilifrons - Ips pilifrons
Subspecies sulcifrons - Ips pilifrons sulcifrons
Species pini - Pine Engraver
Species plastographus - Ips plastographus
Species tridens - Ips tridens
Species woodi - Ips woodi
Genus Orthotomicus
Species caelatus - Orthotomicus caelatus
Species erosus - Mediterranean Pine Engraver Beetle
Species latidens - Orthotomicus latidens
Species spinifer - Orthotomicus spinifer
Genus Pseudips
Species concinnus - Pseudips concinnus
Species mexicanus - Pseudips mexicanus
Genus Pityokteines
Species ornatus - Pityokteines ornatus
Species sparsus - Balsam Fir Bark Beetle
Genus Pityogenes
Species bidentatus - Two-toothed Pine Beetle
Species carinulatus - Pityogenes carinulatus
Species fossifrons - Pityogenes fossifrons
Species hopkinsi - Chestnut-brown Bark Beetle
Species knechteli - Pityogenes knechteli
Species meridianus - Pityogenes meridianus
Species plagiatus - Pityogenes plagiatus
Subtribe Dryocoetina
Genus Coccotrypes - Palm Seed Borers
Species advena - Seed Borer
Species carpophagus - Coccotrypes carpophagus
Species cyperi - Coccotrypes cyperi
Species dactyliperda - Date Stone Borer
Species distinctus - Coccotrypes distinctus
Genus Dactylotrypes
Species longicollis - Dactylotrypes longicollis
Genus Dendrocranulus
Species californicus - Dendrocranulus californicus
Species cucurbitae - Dendrocranulus cucurbitae
Genus Dryocoetes
Species affaber - Dryocoetes affaber
Species autographus - Dryocoetes autographus
Species betulae - Dryocoetes betulae
Species granicollis - Dryocoetes granicollis
Genus Dryoxylon
Species onoharaense - Dryoxylon onoharaense
Genus Lymantor
Species decipiens - Lymantor decipiens
Subtribe Crypturgina
Genus Crypturgus
Species alutaceus - Crypturgus alutaceus
Species pusillus - Crypturgus pusillus
Species borealis - Crypturgus borealis
Genus Dolurgus
Species pumilus - Dolurgus pumilus
Subtribe Xyloterina
Genus Trypodendron
Species betulae - Trypodendron betulae
Species domesticum - European Hardwood Ambrosia Beetle
Species lineatum - Striped Ambrosia Beetle
Species retusum - Poplar Ambrosia Beetle
Species scabricollis - Trypodendron scabricollis
Genus Xyloterinus
Species politus - Xyloterinus politus
Subtribe Xyleborina
Genus Ambrosiodmus
Species lecontei - Ambrosiodmus lecontei
Species lewisi - Ambrosiodmus lewisi
Species minor - Ambrosiodmus minor
Species rubricollis - Ambrosiodmus rubricollis
Species tachygraphus - Ambrosiodmus tachygraphus
Genus Ambrosiophilus
Species atratus - Ambrosiophilus atratus
Genus Anisandrus
Species dispar - European Shot-hole Borer
Species maiche - Anisandrus maiche
Species obesus - Anisandrus obesus
Species sayi - Anisandrus sayi
Genus Cnestus
Species mutilatus - Camphor Shoot Borer
Genus Coptoborus
Species pseudotenuis - Coptoborus pseudotenuis
Genus Cyclorhipidion
Species bodoanum - Cyclorhipidion bodoanum
Species pelliculosum - Cyclorhipidion pelliculosum
Genus Dryocoetoides
Species reticulatus - Dryocoetoides reticulatus
Genus Euwallacea
Species fornicatus - Tea Shot-hole Borer
Species interjectus - Euwallacea interjectus
Species validus - Euwallacea validus
Species whitfordiodendrus - Euwallacea whitfordiodendrus
Genus Theoborus
Species ricini - Theoborus ricini
Genus Wallacellus
Species similis - Wallacellus similis
Genus Xyleborinus
Species andrewesi - Xyleborinus andrewesi
Species attenuatus - Xyleborinus attenuatus
Species artestriatus - Xyleborinus artestriatus
Species gracilis - Xyleborinus gracilis
Species octiesdentatus - Xyleborinus octiesdentatus
Species saxesenii - Fruit-tree Pinhole Borer
Genus Xyleborus
Species affinis - Xyleborus affinis
Species bispinatus - Xyleborus bispinatus
Species celsus - Xyleborus celsus
Species ferrugineus - Xyleborus ferrugineus
Species glabratus - Redbay Ambrosia Beetle
Species horridus - Xyleborus horridus
Species impressus - Xyleborus impressus
Species intrusus - Xyleborus intrusus
Species pfeili - Xyleborus pfeili
Species pubescens - Xyleborus pubescens
Species seriatus - Xyleborus seriatus
Species spinulosus - Xyleborus spinulosus
Species viduus - Xyleborus viduus
Species volvulus - Xyleborus volvulus
Species xylographus - Xyleborus xylographus
Genus Xylosandrus
Species amputatus - Xylosandrus amputatus
Species compactus - Black Twig Borer
Species crassiusculus - Asian Ambrosia Beetle
Species germanus - Alnus Ambrosia Beetle
Subtribe Premnobiina
Genus Premnobius
Species cavipennis - Premnobius cavipennis
Subtribe Cryphalina
Genus Cryphalus
Species pubescens - Cryphalus pubescens
Species ruficollis - Cryphalus ruficollis
Genus Cryptocarenus
Species seriatus - Cryptocarenus seriatus
Genus Hypocryphalus
Species mangiferae - Mango Bark Beetle
Genus Hypothenemus - Oriental Bark Beetles
Species areccae - Hypothenemus areccae
Species birmanus - Kiawe Scolytid
Species crudiae - Hypothenemus crudiae
Species dissimilis - Hypothenemus dissimilis
Species eruditus - Hypothenemus eruditus
Species miles - Hypothenemus miles
Species obscurus - Apple Twig Beetle
Species rotundicollis - Hypothenemus rotundicollis
Species seriatus - Hypothenemus seriatus
Genus Procryphalus
Species utahensis - Procryphalus utahensis
Genus Scolytogenes
Species jalapae - Scolytogenes jalapae
Genus Trischidias
Species exigua - Trischidias exiguus
Species atoma - Trischidias atomus
Species striata - Trischidias striata
Genus Trypophloeus
Species striatulus - Trypophloeus striatulus
Subtribe Pityophthorina
Genus Conophthorus
Species coniperda - White Pine Cone Beetle
Species edulis - Conophthorus edulis
Species ponderosae - Conophthorus ponderosae
Genus Dendroterus
Species striatus - Dendroterus striatus
Genus Pityoborus
Species comatus - Pityoborus comatus
Genus Pityophthorus
Species annectens - Pityophthorus annectens
Species consimilis - Pityophthorus consimilis
Species crinalis - Pityophthorus crinalis
Species juglandis - Walnut Twig Beetle
Species puberulus - Pityophthorus puberulus
Species setosus - Pityophthorus setosus
Genus Pityotrichus
Species barbatus - Pityotrichus barbatus
Genus Pseudopityophthorus
Species agrifoliae - Pseudopityophthorus agrifoliae
Species asperulus - Pseudopityophthorus asperulus
Species minutissimus - Pseudopityophthorus minutissimus
Species pruinosus - Pseudopityophthorus pruinosus
Species pubipennis - Western Oak Bark Beetle
Subtribe Corthylina
Genus Corthylus
Species columbianus - Corthylus columbianus
Species punctatissimus - Corthylus punctatissimus
Genus Monarthrum
Species dentigerum - Monarthrum dentigerum
Species fasciatum - Monarthrum fasciatum
Species mali - Apple Wood Stainer
Species scutellare - Monarthrum scutellare
Genus Gnathotrichus
Species denticulatus - Gnathotrichus denticulatus
Species materiarius - American Utilizable Wood Bark Beetle
Species pilosus - Gnathotrichus pilosus
Species retusus - Gnathotrichus retusus
Species sulcatus - Western Hemlock Wood Stainer
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