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Odd 'wasp' - Podosesia syringae

Odd 'wasp' - Podosesia syringae
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
May 24, 2002
Size: ca. 30mm
Very poor image; rain, wind, and no flash. Haven't seen it again, maybe this year. Any ID suggestions?

Love these
As I have said many times here I love these moths! They are some of the best wasp mimics in the insect world.

Clearwing moth?
Reminds me of something from family Sesiidae, but I'm usually clueless when it comes to Lepidoptera. :(

Not so clueless
Yes it's a sesiid moth; Ash Borer/Lilac Borer Podosesia syringae. Found throughout much of NA.

Lilac, of course!
The "wasp" was underneath a Lilac. Will isolate my search area this year. Thanks all for the direction. I'll leave the image up for a few day before deleting, unless there are any objections.

Please do leave it
I think it's a fine image.

The image is fine
As you ask, I object to it being deleted. I will move it to a Guide page.

until a better one
Tony, I'll be on the lookout for another opportunity this spring. This shot has some technical problems (color range compression, etc.) that is a poor representation of the specimen.

High standards
I can't see any problems with the photo, it clearly shows all the features needed to identify the moth; the specimen looks somewhat worn but that's not the photo's problem! Curious to see your better future-image of this species.

standards ?
Actually, the specimen was a bright individual, the "worn" is photographic/software artifact. This was an early foray into digital cameras after years of film. Finally have a system that, I have to admit, can equal/surpass film (except for one #**@! problem).

Would it be feasible to have a forum(s) on this site to address the photographic problems/solutions encountered by bug shooters?


Forums are easily added. Seems like a reasonable one to have.