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Warty Leaf Beetle - Chlamisus foveolatus

Warty Leaf Beetle - Chlamisus foveolatus
Duke Forest off of Hwy 751, Orange County, North Carolina, USA
August 25, 2007
Size: 3 mm
At a lighted sheet. Size approximate--see comments.

Appears to be a member of the Chlamisini - Warty Leaf Beetles. Thanks for help (comments)--perhaps a more specific identification will be forthcoming.

Aha! Checking in Balsbaugh, Leaf Beetles of Alabama (1) (also on-line, I see the following lines from the key for genus Chlamisus (here):
1. Legs, antennae, clypeus, and frons not completely orange–either partly or entirely black..... 2
Legs, antennae, clypeus, and frons completely orange..... C. foveolatus

That sounds like a good fit to this photo. So I think this is likely Chlamisus foveolatus. It is also on a checklist from the Great Smokies.

Moved--Chlamisus foveolatus
Moved from Warty Leaf Beetles. See notes on new guide page--it looks like the orange legs and antennae are distinctive for this species. Thanks for the help everyone--I was not familiar with this group and had no idea where to start.

Chlamisus foveolatus
Good find! looks like your image is the first one on the internet

Then we looked in the Chlamisini
and didn't see any with yellow legs! You're killin' us here!

Could the size be more like 2-3mm? You can do a thread count on your sheet and use that for guaging insect size.

That zipper up the back and relief map of the Himalayas effect made me think of Chlamisini.

Yes, maybe more 2-3 mm
I was being sloppy--I have other photos of the sheet with a scale--about 3 threads per mm, I think. (It's not my sheet!)

So maybe this beetle is more like 2-3 mm. Yes, looks like a member of the Chlamisini.