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Is this a Barn Spider? - Neoscona crucifera

Is this a Barn Spider? - Neoscona crucifera
Nellysford, Nelson County, Virginia, USA
August 29, 2007
Seems that there are a couple of spiders that are orb weavers that look like this one. Any help with the ID would be appreciated. Thanks!

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It has a Neoscona look to it
Maybe Neoscona crucifera, in the guide here

How do I tell the difference?
Yes, I saw Neoscona crucifera in the guide, but do not know how to tell the difference. There is an on-line spider guide for Virginia, but it is fairly elementary, and only lists the Barn Spider.

Is the Neoscona crucifera spider native to Virginia as well?


Jeff may say more about differences -
possibly quite technical in nature. If you take the link we put in our comment and then click on the DATA tab, you will see the origin of all the crucifera images on BugGuide, and that should solidly answer your question.

Thanks for the help
That's what it looks like.