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Wasp? - Opheltes glaucopterus

Wasp? - Opheltes glaucopterus
Angelica, Allegany County, New York, USA
August 29, 2007
Came to MV lamp while mothing.


Similar found in Bristol, UK
I have found a bug similar in Bristol, UK. It has the same bulging of the head and the abdomen that is thicker at the end, also the long antenna and color is close to identical. Being a n00b I just hope it doesn't sting me.

Moved from Ichneumon Wasps. A new subfamily for BugGuide, let alone subspecies!

Opheltes glaucopterus barberi
Subfamily Ctenopelmatinae, tribe Perilissini. Parasite of Cimbex americana. Note the inflated (i.e. bulging) temples.

Ichneumon Wasp
Most likely a Netelia sp. Distantly related to Ophioninae, these large nocturnal Wasps have nowadays their own subfamily (Neteliinae).

Thank you Richard
for pointing me in the right direction. First time seeing the swollen area behind eye, like ear muffs.