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Could you kindly identify this mantidfly? - Leptomantispa pulchella

Could you kindly identify this mantidfly? - Leptomantispa pulchella
Austin, Travis County, Texas, USA
August 2, 2017

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Leptomantispa pulchella is my best shot
The Y-shaped "wishbones" along the hind-edge of the right forewing are a difficult to clearly discern here, since they're superimposed on those of the hindwing (and the left wings!). But using my web browser to "zoom-in" (by pressing "Cntl-+" repeatedly, or "Command-+" on a Mac), and carefully tracing my way along the costal (edge) vein of the forewing, I count 4 contiguous "wishbones"...which falls solidly in the range for L. pulchella. (D. sayi typically has 8 or more "wishbones", and nearly always at least 7...see discussion here for details).

Beyond the "wishbones character", the subtle tone of the yellow & reddish-brown here appear closer in gestalt to L. pulchella than D. sayi; and the neck looks relatively smooth (no pronounced "rumpling"). Both those two characters are somewhat variable, but together they help support the ID of L. pulchella. The primary character separating these two species in the literature involves the distribution of setae on the dorsum of the pronotum...which unfortunately can't be discerned here.

One more item suggesting L. pulchella: Individuals of D. sayi from far southern US into Costa Rica typically have evident tri-colored antenna...which are lacking here.

Leptomantispa pulchella
I appreciate your comment -

D. sayi
insanely variable in size and color, and very common at my porch lights

i still haven't seen a single Leptomantispa, though

Dicromantispa sayi
Not that common here.
This was the first Mantidfly that came to our porch lights since we moved to Austin in 2012. I could get only one shot before it flew away.
Cheers -


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