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Sierra Nevada station - Trirhabda pilosa

Sierra Nevada station - Trirhabda pilosa
Hope Valley, near junction of Blue Lakes Rd and Hwy 89, Alpine County, California, USA
August 1, 2017
On Artemisia tridentata, the host plant of T. pilosa.

Note the short, pale, medial vitta on each elytra...beginning at the base and attenuating about a quarter of the way along the elytra. That is diagnostic of the nominate subspecies of T. pilosa.

Also diagnostic for the species are the many appressed white hairs of the pronotum, which one can barely discern in the full-size image ...though they're rather inconspicuous and can easily be mistaken for specular highlights.

Note also that the lighting here (flash & natural) renders the elytral color as bronze-to-green-to-piceous, though in a more uniform and subdued light the elytra would appear mostly greenish in color.