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6025044 wasp - Chyphotes

6025044 wasp - Chyphotes
Tucson, Arizona, USA
May 27, 2007
Size: ~1"

Moved from Chyphotes.

Chyphotes sp.
This is a member of Bradynobaenidae, in the genus Chyphotes. There are two genera in this family that live in North America, this one is nocturnal, and Typhoctes is diurnal.

I'm pretty sure this is eithe
I'm pretty sure this is either a male nocturnal mutillid or chyphotes(bradynobaenidae). I would need to see the first tergite and sternite. chyphotes should have a first sternite that is long and thin, this sternite should look like the only thing connecting the abdomen to the thorax.

I only got tht one shot.
I only got tht one shot.