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Western Conifer Seed Bug - Leptoglossus occidentalis

Western Conifer Seed Bug - Leptoglossus occidentalis
Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington, USA
August 18, 2007

Western Conifer Seed Bug
I have found two of these Jan 2013 in Wolfeboro, NH

That's ordinary. Take a look at the data map here to see its range.

These have moved to Nova Scotia!
I live in Nova Scotia, and have noticed these weird looking bugs for the past 2 years was just lately that I have decided to google them... I can't find much info about them in Canada, I'm really interested in knowing if anyone else in N.S. has seen these. they fly, and stick,They get in my house, & I currently have one alive, and I've taken pictures of it...any feedback would be great!
Thanks in Advance, Pamela.

The same bug
I found one of these on the inside of my bedroom window. I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia. How do I post a picture of it?

Data Map
If you look at our data map you can see where other people have photographed them. Click here. We need a data point from NS. Can you post a picture? Also you can read the info page here.

I have posted a picture, just
I have posted a picture, just now. it is still alive & quality isn't the greatest but you can see the colors & similarities . I'm unsure how to post a data point in N.S.?

The NS data point
will happen automatically. I'll take a look at your bug & make sure it's this species. (you should probably change the name on it... since it's not the kissing bug)

Seed bug
How do i post a picture of this bug? Found on the inside of my bedroom window

Post it
To ID Request.

ok, I listed it as unknown, let me know what you think & I have a couple more pictures of it....