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Hileithia rehamalis

Hileithia rehamalis
29.797499, -100.998049, Val Verde County, Texas, USA
September 7, 2017

Moved from Butterflies and Moths. Indeed it was. When I move images en masse, I occasionally miss such comments. However, you can move your own images, which ensures they don't get lost in this way and saves time for the editors. Hit "tag" right under the data line under the image, navigate to the appropriate species page, and while viewing the "images" tab, hit "move tagged images" above the images. Let me know if my description wasn't sufficiently clear. Nice addition!

Moved from ID Request.

Hold on...
Aaron, I'd say this identification was confirmed by Ann H. Don't file this away as a lepidopteran.

Looks to me like a correct ID and a great find.