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Horsehair worm

Horsehair worm
Mason, Mason County, Texas, USA
September 12, 2017
Size: 12 cm

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Horsehair worm Horsehair worm

Ken Wolgemuth,
Ken, Thanks so much for the ID. I had no idea where to go on this strange creature! I just felt that someone who knows these insects so well might have an idea. I know non-arthropods are not covered by BugGuide.
Please feel free to delete this post, or I will if notified.

My pleasure :)
There is no need to delete the images; Blaine has moved them to the "Non-arthropods Not Covered by BugGuide" page.

Horsehair worm
Paragordius tricuspidatus

Moved, agree with Ken: Nematomorpha
Moved from ID Request.

Maybe a...

worm- like creature
This thing was swimming near the surface of a pond like a snake.