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Moth - Euxoa henrietta

Moth - Euxoa henrietta
Ellensburg, Kittitas County, Washington, USA
August 23, 2017
Found at Taneum Creek. Is this Anaplectoides pressus?

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Moth - Euxoa henrietta Moth - Euxoa henrietta

Moved tentatively.
Localities and counties are different between these two images. Which one is correct? Moved from Owlet Moths.

Got it corrected.


Don't think it's A. pressus
Looks like a Euxoa. Similar to this one of John Davis's which was ID'd as E. henrietta:

However, I don't know who confirmed that one. Several Euxoas are similar and very variable - personally, I can't go beyond genus!

Thank you
Yes, I was going by John Davis' photo and thought E. henrietta, too. I was doing a cut and past and goofed up somehow.