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Beetle ID Request - Ophraella bilineata

Beetle ID Request - Ophraella bilineata
Herring Run Watershed, Baltimore City County, Maryland, USA
August 6, 2007

you´ve had this one before: Ophraella bilineata
looks like Ophraella bilineata again. Is it from the same site? And are these three from the same spot? The other two pictures seem to be the same species too

Ophraella bilineata - not e. of Nebraska
Ophraella bilineata is recorded no further east than NM-NE-ND-MB (1)

occured in the understory of an oak-tulip-hickory woods. I checked my other specimen on the guide page and it was from back in June.

you can move the other two as well
you didn´t link the other two new pictures of Ophraella bilineata to this one, but you can move them here as well