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Casebearer imago - Exema

Casebearer imago - Exema
Nashua, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
August 12, 2007
Size: about 3 mm
Here is the adult beetle to complete the larva/pupa/imago series.

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Casebearer pupa - Exema Casebearer pupa - Exema Casebearer pupa - Exema Casebearer pupa - Exema Casebearer pupa - Exema Casebearer imago - Exema Casebearer imago - Exema Casebearer imago - Exema

When did the adult emerge? It couldn't be the same date as the larva. How long did the pupation last?
I am interested because I found a couple of these and I would try to raise one. How did the ID was arrived at finally?

Hi Beatriz,
I may be able to determine by when the images were taken. That data is attached to my original images but not my re-sized images and they are stored on an external drive in my fireproof safe. I won't retrieve them till I have more time. As for final ID, without sending the actual specimen to a specialist the ID is in limbo. I supposed I should move both sets of images back to tribe.

Fireproof safe
Good idea! I should be doing the same. Ha! But I would save the original and keep another copy handy.


Moved from Chlamisus.

Moved from Warty Leaf Beetles.

Moved from The Casebearers.

great work
great work Jim. The adult should be identifiable. It is in the tribe Chlamisini; I suspect Chlamisus. If you can get a detail picture of the antenna that would help exclude Exema for certain. I´m not sure how to distinguish between Neochlamisus and Chlamisus

Thanks Rob.
To me it looked identical to the unclassified Chlamisus I had posted previously so I moved it to that page.