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Thick-Headed Fly #1 - Physocephala marginata - male

Thick-Headed Fly #1 - Physocephala marginata - Male
Near Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia, USA
July 20, 2004
When I made my first quick sort through my photos, I put this in my Bees & Wasps category. Going back now for the first time, the wings reminded me of a picture-wing fly. Then I noticed the little yellow halteres. Whoops, wrong Order! I had to move the photo over to the Flies category.

Ye gads, what is going on with those asymetrical antennae? [Some years later now and a little wiser, I see that I mistook the mouthparts for an antenna!]

Moved from Physocephala furcillata.

For (copious) details on the move here, see comment under post below:

Moved from Physocephala.
Det. Lee Penner

See comments under #22399.

How do you mean the asymmetrical antennae? There are two antennae but one is obscured by the other. At the lower part of the head you see the proboscis.