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nesting litter sifters

nesting litter sifters
I have been using three guages of kitchen strainers to seperate small arthropods from the bulk of the litter in which they reside but I decided to speed the process up by removing the coarser litter first with these modified plastic bins.

I removed the bottoms of two bins using first a small power saw to start my cut, then using a hand-held jigsaw to complete the cuts. I then snipped and bent two guages of hardware cloth (galvanised welded wire mesh) to fashion sieve bottoms for these bins. Finally I glued them in place by drizzling clear Gorrila Glue in the corners. The glue expands into a tough foam, trapping the wire mesh.

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nesting litter sifters nesting litter sifters nesting litter sifters

Might have to try and make these when I search for Carinodulinka next spring.

I found that the glue did not bond to the plastic,
allowing the screens to come loose. I have since used small machine screws, washers, and stay-put nuts in each corner to secure the harware cloth bottoms.

Another alternative is to use
Another alternative is to use one of the cat litter boxes that come with a sifter. Works nicely and is already pre-made but it doesn't have the multiple screen size that yours has.