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Superfamily Cynipoidea

Gall Gall Wasp? Bur oak leaf galls - Phylloteras poculum old gall on pin oak leaf gall wasp gall wasp on Quercus velutina - Dryocosmus quercuspalustris Galls on stem of Quercus rugosa Neuroterus vesicula - Adult Male - male

tiny reddish wasp - Cynipidae ?? - Eucoilinae Figitidae emerging from Ephydridae - Hexacola neoscatellae Wasp Wasp - male Tiny wasp Unknown wasp caught in yellow pan trap Cynipoidea? Cynipidae?

Ibaliid Ovipositing - Ibalia anceps - female Ibalia leucospoides - female Ibalia leucospoides Ibalia anceps - female Ibalia anceps - female Wasp - Ibalia anceps Hymenoptera: Parasitica - Ibalia leucospoides Ibalia anceps