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Notes and descriptions, American Notodontidae.
By Foster H. Benjamin
The Pan-Pacific Entomologist 8(2): 55-60, 1931
Cite: 1478939 with citation markup [cite:1478939]
Benjamin, F.H., 1931. Notes and descriptions, American Notodontidae. The Pan-Pacific Entomologist 8(2): 55-60.

Ianassa pinalensis Benjamin, n. sp.
Ianassa delicatoides Benjamin, n. sp.
Ianassa alpica Benjamin, n. sp.
Schizura paradisus Benjamin, n. sp.
Litodonta (?) alpina Benjamin, n. sp.
Praeschausia Benjamin, n. g.
Praeschausia zapata Schaus new comb.
Heterocampa belfragei Grote
Heterocampa picta perolivata Packard
Heterocampa obliqua Packard
Heterocampa astartoides Benjamin, n. sp.
Heterocampa secessionis Benjamin, n. sp.