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3.5 km east-northeast of New Bloomfield, Callaway County, Missouri, USA
June 14, 2017
Size: 7 mm

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14Jun2017.UF.P.coleo3 14Jun2017.UF.P.coleo3

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I think it's another Trichotichnus autumnalis,
but not 100% sure.
Just curious, are all of these being keyed out as well as posted here?

Thanks Curt. To your question: Yes, to varying degrees ...
... but we're certainly not beetle experts. As a result, we have a lot of uncertainty when we get to the genus level especially, if not higher depending on the group. We're learning though. Getting confirmation of more specific identity here is helping us learn as we go. If it's helpful ... all these submissions are all part of a broader biodiversity survey we're conducting, and we also have a lot of very young undergrads who are new to entomology, and they're learning the basics in the context of this project (hence the occasional specimen that's been curated a bit poorly). We're trying to work on taking better pictures, but given all this, we certainly understand many/most of our submissions may be frassed. Hopefully some are still helpful and informative to BugGuide.

will be notoriously difficult to identify species, and sometimes even genera, from the pictures. Having specimens in hand prove difficult to ID, I would not expect much further on these guys..