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Family Cynipidae - Gall Wasps

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon "Parasitica" - Parasitoid Wasps
Superfamily Cynipoidea
Family Cynipidae - Gall Wasps

Tribe Aulacideini - Herb Gall Wasps
Genus Antistrophus
Species jeanae - Antistrophus jeanae
Species laciniatus - Antistrophus laciniatus
Species pisum - Antistrophus pisum
Species rufus - Antistrophus rufus
Species silphii - Rosinweed Stem Wasp
Species undescribed-laciniatum-leaf-gall-wasp - Antistrophus undescribed-laciniatum-leaf-gall-wasp
Species undescribed-perfoliatum-stem-cluster-gall - Antistrophus undescribed-perfoliatum-stem-cluster-gall
Species undescribed-silphium-flower-galls - Antistrophus undescribed-silphium-flower-galls
Genus Aulacidea
Species acroptilonica - Russian Knapweed Gall Wasp
Species harringtoni - Aulacidea harringtoni
Species podagrae - Aulacidea podagrae
No Taxon annulata or tumida
Genus Liposthenes
Species glechomae - Liposthenes glechomae
Tribe Ceroptresini - Oak Inquiline Gall Wasps
Tribe Cynipini - Oak Gall Wasps
Genus Acraspis
Species erinacei - Hedgehog Gall Wasp
Species quercushirta - Jewel Oak Gall Wasp
Species pezomachoides - Oak Pea Gall Wasp
Species villosa - Acraspis villosa
Species prinoides - Acraspis prinoides
Genus Amphibolips
Species acuminata - Amphibolips acuminata
Species confluenta - Spongy Oak Apple Gall Wasp
No Taxon confluenta or quercusspongifica
Species cookii - Amphibolips cookii
Species ellipsoidalis - Amphibolips ellipsoidalis
Species gainesi - Amphibolips gainesi
Species globulus - Amphibolips globulus
Species murata - Amphibolips murata
Species nubilipennis - Translucent Oak Gall Wasp
Species quercuscoelebs - Amphibolips quercuscoelebs
Species quercusfuliginosa - Amphibolips quercusfuliginosa
Species quercusinanis - Larger Empty Oak Apple Wasp
Species quercusjuglans - Acorn Plum Gall Wasp
Species quercusostensackenii - Small Oak Apple Gall Wasp
Species quercuspomiformis - Live Oak Gallfly
Species quercusracemaria - Amphibolips quercusracemaria
Species quercusrugosa - Amphibolips quercusrugosa
Species quercusspongifica - Amphibolips quercusspongifica
Species spinosa - Amphibolips spinosa
Species ilicifoliae - Amphibolips ilicifoliae
Species fusus - Amphibolips fusus
Species femoratus - Amphibolips femoratus
Genus Andricus
Species brunneus - Clustered Gall Wasp
Species burnetti - Andricus burnetti
Species chinquapin - Small Oak Spindle Gall Wasp
Species chrysolepidicola - Irregular Spindle Gall Wasp
Species coconinoensis - Andricus coconinoensis
Species confertus - Convoluted Gall Wasp
Species coortus - Club Gall Wasp
Species coquilletti - Little Oak Apple Gall Wasp
Species coronus - Andricus coronus
Species dimorphus - Clustered Midrib Gall Wasp
Species foliaformis - Andricus foliaformis
Species incertus - Andricus incertus
Species lasius - Hairy Gall Wasp
Species lustrans - Andricus lustrans
Species mamillaformis - Andricus mamillaformis
Species nigricens - Andricus nigricens
Species opertus - Fimbriate Gall Wasp
Species pedicellatus - Hair Stalk Gall Wasp
Species pilularis - Andricus pilularis
Species pisiformis - Andricus pisiformis
Species quercuscalifornicus - California Gall Wasp
Species quercusfoliatus - Leafy Oak Gall Wasp
Species quercusformosus - Andricus quercusformosus
Species quercusfrondosus - Andricus quercusfrondosus
Species quercuspetiolicola - Oak Petiole Gall Wasp
Species quercusstrobilanus - Andricus quercusstrobilanus
Species reticulatus - Andricus reticulatus
Species sessilum - Andricus sessilum
Species stellulus - Stellar Gall Wasp
Species stropus - Andricus stropus
Species tubularius - Andricus tubularius
Species vacciniifoliae - Golden Oak Apple Wasp
Species weldi - Andricus weldi
Species wheeleri - Andricus wheeleri
Species texanus - Andricus texanus
Species robustus - Andricus robustus
Species capillatus - Andricus capillatus
Species balanella - Andricus balanella
Species murtfeldtae - Andricus murtfeldtae
Species cooki - Andricus cooki
Genus Antron
Species douglasii - Spined Turbaned Gall Wasp
Species quercusechinus - Urchin Gall Wasp
Species quercusnubila - Cynips quercusnubila
Genus Atrusca
Species aggregata - Atrusca aggregata
Species brevipennata - Atrusca brevipennata
Species capronae - Atrusca capronae
Species carolina - Atrusca carolina 0
Species clavuloides - Club Gall Wasp
Species cubitalis - Atrusca cubitalis
Species quercuscentricola - Spotted Oak Apple Gall Wasp
Species trimaculosa - Woollybear Gall Wasp
Species unica - Atrusca unica
Genus Bassettia
Species flavipes - Bassettia flavipes
Genus Belonocnema
Species kinseyi - Belonocnema kinseyi
Species treatae - Belonocnema treatae
Species fossoria - Belonocnema fossoria
Genus Biorhiza
Species caepulaeformis - Biorhiza caepulaeformis
Genus Burnettweldia
Species corallina - Coral Gall Wasp
Species plumbella - Beaked Twig Gall Wasp
Species washingtonensis - Round-Gall Wasp
Species californicordazi - Burnettweldia californicordazi
Genus Callirhytis
Species balanacea - Callirhytis balanacea
Species balanopsis - Callirhytis balanopsis
Species carmelensis - Callirhytis carmelensis
Species clavula - White Oak Club Gall Wasp
Species congregata - Sausage Flower Gall Wasp
Species favosa - Honeycomb Leaf Gall Wasp
Species flavipes - Callirhytis flavipes
Species frequens - Callirhytis frequens
Species furva - Callirhytis furva
Species glandulus - Callirhytis glandulus
Species glomerosa - Callirhytis glomerosa
Species lanata - Callirhytis lanata
Species myrtifoliae - Callirhytis myrtifoliae
Species pedunculata - Callirhytis pedunculata
Species perdens - Ruptured Twig Gall Wasp
Species perditor - Callirhytis perditor
Species perfoveata - Ball Gall Wasp
Species piperoides - Callirhytis piperoides
Species pulchra - Oak Flower Gall Wasp
Species quercusagrifoliae - Live Oak Bud Gall Wasp
Species quercusbatatoides - Southern Live Oak Stem Gall Wasp
Species quercuscornigera - Horned Oak Gall Wasp
Species quercusgemmaria - Ribbed bud gall
Species quercusfutilis - Callirhytis quercusfutilis
Species quercusmodesta - Callirhytis quercusmodesta
Species quercusoperator - Woolly Catkin Gall Wasp
Species quercuspunctata - Gouty Oak Gall Wasp
Species quercussuttoni - Gouty Stem Gall Wasp
Species quercusventricosa - Callirhytis quercusventricosa
Species seminator - Wool Sower Gall Wasp
Species seminosa - Callirhytis seminosa
Species serricornis - Kernel Flower Gall Wasp
Species rugulosa - Callirhytis rugulosa
Species tubicola - Callirhytis tubicola
Species juvenca - Callirhytis juvenca
Species ellipsoida - Callirhytis ellipsoida
Species gallaestriatae - Callirhytis gallaestriatae
Species elliptica - Callirhytis elliptica
No Taxon q-stellata-pentagonal-cluster
Species pigra - Callirhytis pigra
Genus Cynips
Species conspicuus - Fuzzy-Gall Wasp
Species mirabilis - Speckled Gall Wasp
Species multipunctata - Gray Midrib Gall Wasp
Genus Disholandricus
Species truckeensis - Disholandricus truckeensis
Genus Disholcaspis
Species bassetti - Disholcaspis bassetti
Species canescens - Round Honeydew Gall Wasp
Species cinerosa - Mealy Oak Gall Wasp
Species eldoradensis - Honeydew Gall Wasp
Species globosa - Disholcaspis globosa
Species pedunculoides - Disholcaspis pedunculoides
Species prehensa - Clasping Twig Gall Wasp
Species quercusglobulus - Round Bullet Gall Wasp
Species quercusmamma - Oak Rough Bullet Gall Wasp
Species quercusomnivora - Disholcaspis quercusomnivora
Species quercusvirens - Disholcaspis quercusvirens
Species rubens - Disholcaspis rubens
Species simulata - Dried Peach Gall Wasp
Species lacuna - Disholcaspis lacuna
Species spissa - Disholcaspis spissa
Species spongiosa - Disholcaspis spongiosa
Species perniciosa - Disholcaspis perniciosa
No Taxon q-vaseyana-peach-gall
Genus Druon
Species fullawayi - Andricus fullawayi
Species ignotum - Druon ignotum
Species laceyi - Druon laceyi
Species pattoni - Andricus pattoni
Species quercusflocci - Andricus quercusflocci
Species quercuslanigerum - Wool-bearing Gall Wasp
Genus Dryocosmus
Species asymmetricus - Split Twig Gall Wasp
Species dubiosus - Two-horned Gall Wasp
Species floridensis - Dryocosmus floridensis
Species minusculus - Pumpkin Gall Wasp
Species quercuspalustris - Succulent Oak Gall Wasp
Species quercuslaurifoliae - Dryocosmus quercuslaurifoliae
Species archboldi - Dryocosmus archboldi
Species cinereae - Dryocosmus cinereae
Species albidus - Dryocosmus albidus
Species quercusnotha - Dryocosmus quercusnotha
Species favus - Dryocosmus favus
Genus Feron
Species amphorus - Andricus amphorus
Species atrimentum - Striped Volcano Gall Wasp
Species bakkeri - Andricus bakkeri
Species caepula - Andricus caepula
Species crystallinum - Crystalline Gall Wasp
Species gigas - Saucer Gall Wasp
Species kingi - Red Cone Gall Wasp
Species parmula - Disc Gall Wasp
Species pattersonae - Plate Gall Wasp
Species splendens - Andricus splendens
Species stellare - Sunburst Gall Wasp
Species sulfureum - Andricus sulfureus
Species scutellum - Andricus scutellum
Species izabellae - Feron izabellae
Species tetyanae - Feron tetyanae
Genus Heteroecus
Species dasydactyli - Woolly Gall Wasp
Species lyoni - Lyon's Gall Wasp
Species melanoderma - Golden Gall Wasp
Species pacificus - Beaked Spindle Gall Wasp
Species sanctaeclarae - Mushroom Gall Wasp
No Taxon q-chrysolepis-club-vein-gall
Genus Holocynips
Species badia - Holocynips badia
Genus Kokkocynips
Species decidua - Kokkocynips decidua
Species difficilis - Kokkocynips difficilis
Species imbricariae - Banded Bullet Gall Wasp
Species rileyi - Kokkocynips rileyi
Species coxii - Kokkocynips coxii
Genus Loxaulus
Species quercusmammula - Loxaulus quercusmammula
Species maculipennis - Loxaulus maculipennis
Genus Melikaiella
Species fructuosa - Melikaiella fructuosa
Species ostensackeni - Melikaiella ostensackeni
Species tumifica - Melikaiella tumifica
Species flora - Melikaiella flora
Genus Neuroterus
Species aliceae - Neuroterus aliceae
Species alexandrae - Neuroterus alexandrae
Species anthracinus - Oyster Gall Wasp
Species fragilis - Succulent Gall Wasp
Species lamellae - Neuroterus lamellae
Species minutus - Neuroterus minutus
Species niger - Neuroterus niger
Species quercusbatatus - Neuroterus quercusbatatus
Species quercusmajalis - Neuroterus quercusmajalis
Species quercusminutissimus - Neuroterus quercusminutissimus
Species quercusverrucarum - Neuroterus quercusverrucarum
Species saltarius - Neuroterus saltarius
Species saltatorius - California Jumping Gall Wasp
Species tantulus - Neuroterus tantulus
No Taxon q-alba-white-bead-gall
No Taxon saltatorius texanus
Species rileyi - Neuroterus rileyi
Species washingtonensis - Neuroterus washingtonensis
Genus Nichollsiella
Genus Odontocynips
Species nebulosa - Odontocynips nebulosa
Genus Paracraspis
Species insolens - Paracraspis insolens
Species patelloides - Paracraspis patelloides
Genus Philonix
Species gigas - Philonix gigas
Species fulvicollis - Philonix fulvicollis
Genus Phylloteras
Species cupella - Urn Gall Wasp
Species poculum - Phylloteras poculum
Species sigma - Phylloteras sigma
Species volutellae - Phylloteras volutellae
Species rubinum - Phylloteras rubinum
No Taxon q-alba-red-margin-spangle
Genus Sphaeroteras
Species pulchripennis - Sphaeroteras pulchripennis
Genus Striatoandricus
Species furnessulus - Striatoandricus furnessulus
Species aciculatus - Striatoandricus aciculatus
Genus Trigonaspis
Species polita - Trigonaspis polita
Species quercusforticorne - Oak Fig Gall Wasp
Species radicola - Fig Root Gall Wasp
Species teres - Ball-tipped Gall Wasp
Species fumosa - Trigonaspis fumosa
Genus Xanthoteras
Species eburneum - Xanthoteras eburneum
Species politum - Xanthoteras politum
Species radicola - Xanthoteras radicola
Species teres - Ball-tipped Gall Wasp
Genus Zapatella
Species davisae - Zapatella davisae
Species quercusmedullae - Zapatella quercusmedullae
Species quercusphellos - Zapatella quercusphellos
Genus Zopheroteras
Species compressum - Zopheroteras compressum
Species cuneatum - Zopheroteras cuneatum
Species guttatum - Zopheroteras guttatum
Species sphaerula - Zopheroteras sphaerula
No Taxon Wingless adults: Acraspis, Philonix, Phylloteras, Trigonaspis, or Zopheroteras
No Taxon Undescribed white oak linear gall
No Taxon q-berberidifolia-hairy-spring-gall
No Taxon q-oblongifolia-crystal-gall
No Taxon q-phellos-leaf-club
No Taxon q-rubra-stellate-bud-gall
No Taxon q-phellos-fletching-bud-gall
No Taxon q-phellos-hellmouth-gall
No Taxon q-virginiana-midrib-cell
No Taxon red-oak-flat-disc-gall
No Taxon q-vacciniifolia-flower-gall
Genus Protobalandricus
Species spectabilis - Protobalandricus spectabilis
Tribe Diastrophini - Herb and Herb Inquiline Gall Wasps
Genus Diastrophus
Species cuscutaeformis - Blackberry Seed Gall Wasp
Species kincaidii - Diastrophus kincaidii
Species nebulosus - Blackberry Knot Gall Wasp
Species potentillae - Diastrophus potentillae
Species turgidus - Diastrophus turgidus
Genus Periclistus
Tribe Phanacidini - Herb Gall Wasps
Genus Phanacis
Species hypochoeridis - Catsear Gall Wasp
Species taraxaci - Dandelion Gall Wasp
Tribe Synergini - Oak Inquiline Gall Wasps
Genus Synergus
Species lignicola - Synergus lignicola
No Taxon Unidentified fuzzy gall on midrib of leaves in the red oak group
No Taxon Unidentified gall on hawthorn
No Taxon Unidentified gall
No Taxon Undetermined oak gall inquilines (Ceroptres or Synergus)