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January 7, 2018
Had apparently been hitchhiking out of CA for several days when I found it. A very similar-looking scarab was later discovered alive; that one had greenish hints on elytra.

This is strange, because the only cetoniine I have ever seen in the local area is Cotinis mutabilis.

Was discovered dead with innards oozing from tail. It looks like one of the brown Euphoria scarabs - confirmation appreciated.

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Euphoria? Euphoria? Euphoria?


Moved, let's move it here for now
Probably not established in CA, and HI is outside of BG's biogeographical scope [even though it is established in FL]

Moved from ID Request.

Shall we move it elsewhere?
Even though I initially suspected the specimen came from CA, I didn't actually witness it there. Since the probability that it hiked from Hawaii now seems more likely, maybe putting it in Hawaiian Bugs or Frass would be a better option.

yes Hawaiian might be better (forgot about that option)
maybe just the cropped dorsal pic, frassing the other two

I wonder if this is Protaetia fusca (or related species)
it has been established in FL; maybe CA too?

After a short search
Perhaps the specimen did not actually hitchhike from CA?

Due to the background of the situation, a distinct possibility is that it sneakily arrived from HI via human transportation. Maybe it entered on imported things.

I noticed that fusca is found in HI, and it seems to be a very strong possibility based on range info and this, which states that it can be "readily recognized" with the included habitus illustration.