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Hydrelia albifera

Hydrelia albifera
Pine Brook, Isanti County, Minnesota, USA
September 8, 2002
Size: ~ 12 mm
This posting was a long-standing mystery, finally resolved by finding disassociated rearing notes. The photo is poor, but I've not seen better. I add a crop-in to clarify the head markings: two dark spots on each side of the head, the lower one seen only poorly/partially in profile (and much like Euthyatira pudens which is, however, only present on dogwood in the spring, and quite larger). The apparent proleg, far forward, is, indeed, debris.
The "next time" I encounter this caterpillar, I swear to do a better job of it!!!

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Hydrelia albifera Hydrelia albifera Hydrelia albifera


Long 'displaced' rearing notes describe "three small chunky green cats on gray? dogwood with two black spots on each side of head" (the lower spot is smaller, in the cheek area, and not seen well here).
Two pupae were found on 9-14 but this is the only measurement or photo I have. Not sure, but I suspect this is final instar.

Yes, unfortunate that we can't see the prolegs
but it certainly does look like

And it seems like they should
And it seems like they should be visible. It almost looks like a geometrid but no fit comes to mind. Thank you for your input!