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Molecular phylogeny of the Calyptratae (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha)...
By S.N. Kutty, T. Pape, B.M. Wiegmann, R. Meier
Systematic Entomology 35: 614–635, 2010
Full title: Molecular phylogeny of the Calyptratae (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha) with an emphasis on the superfamily Oestroidea and the position of Mystacinobiidae and McAlpine’s fly

Review of the world fauna of the genus Azelia (Diptera, Muscidae)
By Vikhrev N.E.
Amur. zool. J. 7: 33-42, 2015

A review of New World Neodexiopsis (Diptera, Muscidae), the ovata group
By Frederic Marhoff Snyder
American Museum novitates, No. 1892, 1958

A review of nearctic Lispe Latreille (Diptera, Muscidae)
By Frederic Marhoff Snyder
American Museum of Natural History, 1954
American Museum Novitates 1675, available at AMNH web site

Revision of the Genus Eudasyphora Townsend (Diptera: Muscidae), and Reflections on its Evolution
By Cuny, R.
The Canadian Entomologist Volume 112, (Issue 4): 345-373, 1980
abstract only. The link to this paper on the genus page is dead

Morphology of immature stages of Atherigona reversura (Diptera: Muscidae), with notes on the recent invasion of North America
By Grzywacz, A., T. Pape, W.G. Hudson, and S. Gomez
Journal of Natural History, 47: 1055-1067, 2013
Online access:

I have pdf if anyone needs.

Revision of the genus Thricops Rondani (Diptera: Muscidae)
By Savage J.
Insect Systematics & Evolution Supplements 61: 1-143, 2003

A Revision of the North American Genus Eremomyioides Malloch (Diptera, Muscidæ
By Huckett, H. C.
Journal of the New York Entomological Society Vol. 52, No. 4 (Dec., 1944), pp. 361-368, 1944