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Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon Calyptratae

Superfamily Muscoidea
Family Scathophagidae - Dung Flies
Subfamily Delininae
Genus Americina
Species adusta - Americina adusta
Genus Neochirosia
Species nuda - Neochirosia nuda
Genus Parallelomma
Species vittatum - Parallelomma vittatum
Genus Synchysa
Species tricincta - Synchysa tricincta
Subfamily Scathophaginae
Genus Ceratinostoma
Species ostiorum - Ceratinostoma ostiorum
Genus Cordilura
Species carbonaria - Cordilura carbonaria
Species emarginata - Cordilura emarginata
Species munda - Cordilura munda
Species scapularis - Cordilura scapularis
Species setosa - Cordilura setosa
Species varipes - Cordilura varipes
Species fuscipes - Cordilura fuscipes
Genus Cordylurella
Species nebulosa - Cordylurella nebulosa
Genus Gimnomera
Species tibialis - Gimnomera tibialis
Species cerea - Gimnomera cerea
Genus Hydromyza
Species confluens - Hydromyza confluens
Genus Nanna
Genus Scathophaga
Species crinita - Scathophaga crinita
Species furcata - Scathophaga furcata
Species intermedia - Scathophaga intermedia
Species nigrolimbata - Scathophaga nigrolimbata
Species reses - Scathophaga reses
Species stercoraria - Golden Dung Fly
Species suilla - Scathophaga suilla
No Taxon suilla or nigrolimbata
Genus Spaziphora
Species cincta - Spaziphora cincta
Family Anthomyiidae - Root-Maggot Flies
Genus Acridomyia
Species canadensis - Acridomyia canadensis
Genus Alliopsis
Species angustitarsis - Alliopsis angustitarsis
Genus Anthomyia
No Taxon pluvialis section
Species illocata - Anthomyia illocata
Species oculifera - Anthomyia oculifera
Species procellaris - Anthomyia procellaris
Species pluvialis - Anthomyia pluvialis
No Taxon procellaris or ottawana
No Taxon punctipennis section
Species ochripes - Anthomyia ochripes
Species mimetica - Anthomyia mimetica
Species obscuripennis - Anthomyia obscuripennis
Genus Botanophila
Species fugax - Botanophila fugax
Genus Calythea
Species micropteryx - Calythea micropteryx
Genus Chirosia
Species betuleti - Chirosia betuleti
Species filicis - Chirosia filicis
Species flavipennis - Chirosia flavipennis
Species gleniensis - Chirosia gleniensis
Species pusillans - Chirosia pusillans
Genus Delia
Species pluvialis - Delia pluvialis
Species platura - Seedcorn Maggot
Species radicum - Cabbage Maggot
Genus Egle - Willow Catkin Flies
No Taxon brevicornis species group
Species ciliata - Egle ciliata
Genus Eustalomyia
Species vittipes - Eustalomyia vittipes
Genus Fucellia - Seaweed Flies
Species costalis - Fucellia costalis
Species tergina - Fucellia tergina
Species species-a - Fucellia species on northern Pacific coast with dark apical spot on wing
Genus Hydrophoria
Species lancifer - Hydrophoria lancifer
Genus Hylemya
Species alcathoe - Hylemya alcathoe
Species partita - Hylemya partita
Species urbica - Hylemya urbica
Genus Lasiomma
Genus Leucophora
Species apivora - Leucophora apivora
Species johnsoni - Leucophora johnsoni
Species marylandica - Leucophora marylandica
Species obtusa - Leucophora obtusa
Species unilineata - Leucophora unilineata
Genus Paregle
No Taxon Pegomya group
Genus Emmesomyia
Genus Eutrichota
No Taxon affinis section
Species affinis - Eutrichota affinis
Species finitima - Eutrichota finitima
Species geomyis - Eutrichota geomyis
Species gopheri - Eutrichota gopheri
Species spinosissima - Eutrichota spinosissima
No Taxon cylindrica superspecies
Species cylindrica - Eutrichota cylindrica
Species fuscipes - Eutrichota fuscipes
No Taxon flavicans superspecies
Species lividiventris - Eutrichota lividiventris
Species incompleta - Eutrichota incompleta
Species lipsia - Eutrichota lipsia
No Taxon frigida, lipsia, or tarsata
Species nigrifemur - Eutrichota nigrifemur
Species impolita - Eutrichota impolita
Genus Pegomya
No Taxon Subgenus Pegomya
No Taxon bicolor section
Species bicolor - Pegomya bicolor
Species flavifrons - Pegomya flavifrons
Species pseudobicolor - Pegomya pseudobicolor
Species solennis - Pegomya solennis
No Taxon dorsimaculata section
Species atlanis - Pegomya atlanis
Species rufescens - Pegomya rufescens
Species wygodzinskyi - Pegomya wygodzinskyi
No Taxon hyoscyami section
No Taxon laticornis subsection
Species carduorum - Pegomya carduorum
Species depressiventris - Pegomya depressiventris
No Taxon hyoscyami subsection, hyoscyami species group
Species exilis - Pegomya exilis
Species betae - Pegomya betae
Species hyoscyami - Pegomya hyoscyami
No Taxon Unidentified mines on Chenopodium
No Taxon Subgenus Phoraea
No Taxon tabida species group
No Taxon terminalis species group
Species disticha - Pegomya disticha
No Taxon winthemi species group
Species winthemi - Pegomya (Phoraea) winthemi
Species geniculata - Pegomya geniculata
Genus Phorbia
Species sinuata - Phorbia sinuata
No Taxon Possibly Hydrophoria or Zaphne
No Taxon dark legs and plumose arista
No Taxon red legs and plumose arista
No Taxon modified tarsi
Family Muscidae - House Flies and kin
Subfamily Azeliinae
Tribe Reinwardtiini
Genus Muscina
Species dorsilinea - Muscina dorsilinea
Species levida - Muscina levida
Species pascuorum - Muscina pascuorum
Species prolapsa - Muscina prolapsa
Species stabulans - Muscina stabulans
Genus Synthesiomyia
Species nudiseta - Synthesiomyia nudiseta
Tribe Azeliini
Genus Azelia
Species cilipes - Azelia cilipes
Genus Drymeia
Species flavinervis - Drymeia flavinervis
Genus Hydrotaea
Species aenescens - Black Dump Fly
Species armipes - Hydrotaea armipes
Species floccosa - Hydrotaea floccosa
Species houghi - Hydrotaea houghi
Species ignava - Hydrotaea ignava
Species militaris - Hydrotaea militaris
Genus Thricops
Species diaphanus - Thricops diaphanus
Species rufisquamus - Thricops rufisquamus
Subfamily Coenosiinae
Tribe Coenosiini
Genus Bithoracochaeta
Species leucoprocta - Bithoracochaeta leucoprocta
Genus Caricea
Species alma - Caricea alma
Species erythrocera - Caricea erythrocera
Species tinctinervis - Caricea tinctinervis
Genus Coenosia - Tiger Flies
Species atrata - Coenosia atrata
Species furtiva - Coenosia furtiva
Species humilis - Tiger Fly
Species intacta - Coenosia intacta
Species lata - Coenosia lata
Species nigritarsis - Coenosia nigritarsis
No Taxon tigrina species group
Species tigrina - Coenosia tigrina
Species nivea - Coenosia nivea
Genus Macrorchis
Species ausoba - Macrorchis ausoba
Genus Neodexiopsis
Species calopyga - Neodexiopsis calopyga
Species ovata - Neodexiopsis ovata
Species major - Neodexiopsis major
Genus Pachyceramyia
Species robusta - Pachyceramyia robusta
Genus Schoenomyza
Tribe Limnophorini
Genus Limnophora
Genus Lispe
Species albitarsis - Lispe albitarsis
Species nasoni - Lispe nasoni
No Taxon tentaculata group
Species tentaculata - Lispe tentaculata
Species sociabilis - Lispe sociabilis
No Taxon cf. uliginosa
Genus Lispoides
Species aequifrons - Lispoides aequifrons
Subfamily Muscinae
Tribe Muscini
Genus Eudasyphora
Species cyanicolor - Eudasyphora cyanicolor
Genus Mesembrina
Species latreillii - Mesembrina latreillii
Species decipiens - Mesembrina decipiens
Genus Morellia
Species podagrica - Morellia podagrica
Genus Musca
Species autumnalis - Face Fly
Species domestica - House Fly
Genus Neomyia
Species cornicina - Neomyia cornicina
Tribe Stomoxyini - Blood-feeding Muscidae
Genus Haematobia
Species irritans - Horn Fly
Genus Haematobosca
Species alcis - Moose Fly
Genus Stomoxys
Species calcitrans - Stable Fly
Subfamily Mydaeinae
Genus Brontaea
Species delecta - Brontaea delecta
Species humilis - Brontaea humilis
Genus Graphomya
Genus Hebecnema
Species nigra - Hebecnema nigra
Species vespertina - Hebecnema vespertina
Genus Mydaea
Species flavicornis - Mydaea flavicornis
Species winnemana - Mydaea winnemana
Genus Myospila
Species meditabunda - Myospila meditabunda
Subfamily Phaoniinae
Genus Atherigona - Shoot Flies
Species reversura - Bermudagrass Stem Maggot
Genus Helina
Species abiens - Helina abiens
Species evecta - Helina evecta
Species procedens - Helina procedens
Species rufitibia - Helina rufitibia
Species troene - Helina troene
Genus Phaonia
Species apicata - Phaonia apicata
Species caerulescens - Phaonia caerulescens
Species fuscana - Phaonia fuscana
Species nigricans - Phaonia nigricans
Species subventa - Phaonia subventa
No Taxon resembling Phaonia fuscana
No Taxon yellow
Family Fanniidae
Genus Fannia
Species canicularis - Little House Fly
Species melanura - Fannia melanura
Species pellucida - Fannia pellucida
Species pusio - Chicken Dung Fly
No Taxon serena subgroup
Species sociella - Fannia sociella
Species subpellucens - Fannia subpellucens
No Taxon larvae resembling brevipalpis
Superfamily Oestroidea
Family Calliphoridae - Blow Flies
Subfamily Calliphorinae
Genus Bellardia
Species vulgaris - Bellardia vulgaris
Species bayeri - Bellardia bayeri
Genus Calliphora
Species coloradensis - Calliphora coloradensis
Species latifrons - Calliphora latifrons
Species livida - Calliphora livida
Species loewi - Calliphora loewi
Species vicina - Blue blowfly
Species vomitoria - Blue Bottle Fly
Species terraenovae - Calliphora terraenovae
No Taxon terraenovae or vomitoria
No Taxon images found unIDable beyond genus by T.L. Whitworth
Genus Cynomya
Species cadaverina - Shiny Blue Bottle Fly
Genus Cyanus
Species elongata - Cyanus elongata
Subfamily Chrysomyinae
Genus Chloroprocta
Species idioidea - Chloroprocta idioidea
Genus Chrysomya - Hairy Maggot Blow Flies
Species megacephala - Oriental Latrine Fly
Species rufifacies - Hairy Maggot Blow Fly
Genus Cochliomyia - Screwworm Flies
Species hominivorax - Primary Screwworm
Species macellaria - Secondary Screwworm
Genus Compsomyiops
Species callipes - Compsomyiops callipes
Genus Phormia
Species regina - Black Blow Fly
Genus Protocalliphora
Species sialia - Protocalliphora sialia
Genus Protophormia
Species terraenovae - Protophormia terraenovae
Subfamily Melanomyinae
Genus Angioneura
Genus Opsodexia
Species bicolor - Opsodexia bicolor
Species grisea - Opsodexia grisea
Genus Lucilia
Species bufonivora - Lucilia bufonivora
Species cluvia - Lucilia cluvia
Species coeruleiviridis - Blue-green Bottle Fly
Species cuprina - Bronze Bottle Fly
Species eximia - Lucilia eximia
Species illustris - Lucilia illustris
Species mexicana - Lucilia mexicana
Species sericata - Common Green Bottle Fly
Species silvarum - Lucilia silvarum
No Taxon sericata or cuprina
No Taxon coeruleiviridis or cluvia
No Taxon Images identified by Dr. Whitworth as “probable Lucilia”
Family Oestridae - Bot Flies
Subfamily Cuterebrinae - New World Skin Bot Flies
Genus Cuterebra - Rodent and Lagomorph Bot Flies
No Taxon americana group
No Taxon buccata group
Species buccata - Rabbit Bot Fly
Species cochisei - Cuterebra cochisei
Species lepusculi - Cottontail Rabbit Botfly
No Taxon fontinella group
Species emasculator - Squirrel bot fly
Species fontinella - Mouse Bot Fly
Subspecies fontinella - Cuterebra fontinella fontinella
Subspecies grisea - Deer Mouse Bot Fly
Species abdominalis - Cuterebra abdominalis
Species albipilosa - Cuterebra albipilosa
Species americana - Woodrat Bot Fly
Species approximata - Cuterebra approximata
Species arizonae - Cuterebra arizonae
Species atrox - Cuterebra atrox
Species austeni - Cuterebra austeni
Species bajensis - Cuterebra bajensis
Species cuniculi - Cuterebra cuniculi
Species jellisoni - Cuterebra jellisoni
Species latifrons - Cuterebra latifrons
Species lepivora - Cuterebra lepivora
Species mirabilis - Cuterebra mirabilis
Species neomexicana - Cuterebra neomexicana
Species polita - Cuterebra polita
Species ruficrus - Cuterebra ruficrus
Species tenebrosa - Cuterebra tenebrosa
No Taxon sp. --expert-reviewed images [tmp. page]
No Taxon near lepivora
No Taxon larvae & pupae
Species ascarides - Cuterebra ascarides
Subfamily Gasterophilinae - Stomach Bot Flies
Genus Gasterophilus
Species intestinalis - Horse Stomach Bot Fly
Subfamily Hypodermatinae
Genus Hypoderma
Species tarandi - Reindeer Grub
Species lineatum - Common Cattle Grub
Subfamily Oestrinae - Nose Bot Flies
Genus Cephenemyia - Deer Bot Flies
Species apicata - Cephenemyia apicata
Species jellisoni - Cephenemyia jellisoni
Species phobifer - Cephenemyia phobifer
Species pratti - Cephenemyia pratti
Genus Oestrus - Nasal Bot Flies
Species ovis - Sheep Nasal Bot Fly
Family Polleniidae
Genus Pollenia - Cluster flies
Species angustigena - Pollenia angustigena
Species griseotomentosa - Pollenia griseotomentosa
Species labialis - Pollenia labialis
Species pediculata - Pollenia pediculata
Species rudis - Pollenia rudis
Species vagabunda - Pollenia vagabunda
Family Rhinophoridae - Woodlouse Flies
Genus Stevenia
Species deceptoria - Stevenia deceptoria
Genus Melanophora
Species roralis - Melanophora roralis
Family Sarcophagidae - Flesh Flies
Subfamily Miltogramminae - Satellite Flies
Genus Amobia
Genus Eumacronychia
Genus Gymnoprosopa
Genus Macronychia
Species aurata - Macronychia aurata
Genus Metopia
Species argyrocephala - Metopia argyrocephala
Species sinipalpis - Metopia sinipalpis
Genus Phrosinella
Species aldrichi - Phrosinella aldrichi
Species aurifacies - Phrosinella aurifacies
Species fulvicornis - Phrosinella fulvicornis
Genus Senotainia
Species trilineata - Senotainia trilineata
Species vigilans - Senotainia vigilans
Genus Sphenometopa
Species nebulosa - Sphenometopa nebulosa
Species tergata - Sphenometopa tergata
Genus Taxigramma
Species hilarella - Taxigramma hilarella
Species heteroneura - Taxigramma heteroneura
Genus Euphyto
Subfamily Paramacronychiinae
Genus Wohlfahrtia
Species vigil - Fox Maggot
Subfamily Sarcophaginae
Tribe Johnsoniini
Genus Lepidodexia
Genus Rafaelia
Species rufiventris - Rafaelia rufiventris
Genus Arachnidomyia
Genus Blaesoxipha - Grasshopper Maggots
Species hunteri - Blaesoxipha hunteri
No Taxon subgenus Servaisia
Genus Boettcheria
Species bisetosa - Boettcheria bisetosa
Genus Fletcherimyia
Genus Helicobia
Species rapax - Helicobia rapax
Genus Oxysarcodexia
Genus Ravinia
Species stimulans - Ravinia stimulans
Genus Sarcophaga
Species aldrichi - Friendly Fly
Species bullata - Grey Flesh fly
Species cadyi - Sarcophaga cadyi
Species johnsoni - Sarcophaga johnsoni
Species melanura - Sarcophaga melanura
Species sarraceniae - Sarcophaga sarraceniae
Species sinuata - Sarcophaga sinuata
Genus Tripanurga
Species importuna - Tripanurga importuna
Family Tachinidae - Parasitic Flies
Subfamily Dexiinae
Tribe Dexiini
Genus Ateloglossa
Genus Billaea
Species rutilans - Billaea rutilans
Genus Dexia
Species ventralis - Dexia ventralis
Genus Dinera
Species grisescens - Dinera grisescens
Genus Estheria
Species cinerea - Estheria cinerea
Genus Euchaetogyne
Species roederi - Euchaetogyne roederi
Genus Megapariopsis
Species opaca - Megapariopsis opaca
Genus Microchaetina
Species mexicana - Microchaetina mexicana
Species petiolata - Microchaetina petiolata
Species teleta - Microchaetina teleta
Species valida - Microchaetina valida
Genus Mochlosoma
Species illocale - Mochlosoma illocale
Genus Nimioglossa
Species ravida - Nimioglossa ravida
Species planicosta - Nimioglossa planicosta
Genus Opsotheresia
Species bigelowi - Opsotheresia bigelowi
Genus Phasiops
Species flavus - Phasiops flavus
Genus Phyllomya
Species pictipennis - Phyllomya pictipennis
Genus Prosenoides
Species assimilis - Prosenoides assimilis
Species flavipes - Prosenoides flavipes
Genus Ptilodexia
Species rufipennis - Ptilodexia rufipennis
Genus Trixodes
Species obesus - Trixodes obesus
Genus Zelia
Species gracilis - Zelia gracilis
Species metalis - Zelia metalis
Species ruficauda - Zelia ruficauda
Species vertebrata - Zelia vertebrata
Species zonata - Zelia zonata
No Taxon vertebrata or zonata
Genus Prosena
Species siberita - Prosena siberita
Tribe Dufouriini
Genus Oestrophasia
Species calva - Oestrophasia calva
Species clausa - Oestrophasia clausa
Species signifera - Oestrophasia signifera
Genus Dufouria
Tribe Epigrimyiini
Genus Beskia
Species aelops - Beskia aelops
Genus Epigrimyia
Species polita - Epigrimyia polita
Tribe Eutherini
Genus Euthera
Species bicolor - Euthera bicolor
Species setifacies - Euthera setifacies
Species tentatrix - Euthera tentatrix
Tribe Sophiini
Genus Cordyligaster
Species septentrionalis - Cordyligaster septentrionalis
Genus Euantha
Species litturata - Euantha litturata
Tribe Uramyini
Genus Uramya
Species halisidotae - Uramya halisidotae
Species indita - Uramya indita
Species limacodis - Uramya limacodis
Species pristis - Uramya pristis
Tribe Voriini
Genus Athrycia
Species cinerea - Athrycia cinerea
Genus Campylocheta
Species eudryae - Campylocheta eudryae
Species semiothisae - Campylocheta semiothisae
Species teliosis - Campylocheta teliosis
Species townsendi - Campylocheta townsendi
Genus Chaetoplagia
Genus Cyrtophleba
Species coquilletti - Cyrtophleba coquilletti
Species horrida - Cyrtophleba horrida
Species nitida - Cyrtophleba nitida
Genus Eulasiona
Species comstocki - Eulasiona comstocki
Genus Hypovoria
Species discalis - Hypovoria discalis
Species cauta - Hypovoria cauta
Genus Kirbya
Species setosa - Kirbya setosa
Genus Meledonus
Species californicus - Meledonus californicus
Species latipennis - Meledonus latipennis
Genus Muscopteryx
Genus Periscepsia
Species helymus - Periscepsia helymus
Species laevigata - Periscepsia laevigata
No Taxon helymus or laevigata
Genus Plagiomima
Species auriceps - Plagiomima auriceps
Genus Spathidexia
Species dunningii - Spathidexia dunningii
Genus Thelaira
Species americana - Thelaira americana
Genus Trochilodes
Species skinneri - Trochilodes skinneri
Genus Uclesia
Species varicornis - Uclesia varicornis
Genus Voria
Species aurifrons - Voria aurifrons
Species ruralis - Voria ruralis
Genus Wagneria
Species vernata - Wagneria vernata
No Taxon Wagneria or Periscepsia
Genus Eutrixa
Species exilis - Eutrixa exilis
Genus Freraea
Species montana - Freraea montana
Genus Imitomyia
Species sugens - Imitomyia sugens
Genus Telothyria
Species thecata - Telothyria thecata
Subfamily Exoristinae
Tribe Acemyini
Genus Ceracia
Species dentata - Ceracia dentata
Genus Acemya
Tribe Blondeliini
Genus Anisia
Species flaveola - Anisia flaveola
Genus Admontia
Species pergandei - Admontia pergandei
Species degeerioides - Admontia degeerioides
Species rufochaeta - Admontia rufochaeta
Species nasoni - Admontia nasoni
Genus Blondelia
Genus Calolydella
Species lathami - Calolydella lathami
Genus Celatoria
Species diabroticae - Celatoria diabroticae
Genus Chaetostigmoptera
Species manca - Chaetostigmoptera manca
Genus Compsilura
Species concinnata - Compsilura concinnata
Genus Cryptomeigenia
Species illinoiensis - Cryptomeigenia illinoiensis
Species demylus - Cryptomeigenia demylus
Genus Eucelatoria
Species bryani - Eucelatoria bryani
Genus Istocheta
Species aldrichi - Winsome Fly
Genus Lixophaga
Genus Medina
Species quinteri - Medina quinteri
Genus Meigenielloides
Species cinereus - Meigenielloides cinereus
Genus Myiopharus
Species doryphorae - Myiopharus doryphorae
Genus Oswaldia
Species aurifrons - Oswaldia aurifrons
Genus Paracraspedothrix
Species angulicornis - Paracraspedothrix angulicornis
Genus Phasmophaga
Genus Phyllophilopsis
Species nitens - Phyllophilopsis nitens
Genus Thelairodoria
Species setinervis - Thelairodoria setinervis
Genus Vibrissina
Genus Zaira
Tribe Eryciini
Genus Acantholespesia
Species comstocki - Acantholespesia comstocki
Genus Carcelia
Species amplexa - Carcelia amplexa
Genus Drino
Genus Hubneria
Species estigmenensis - Hubneria estigmenensis
Genus Lespesia
Species samiae - Lespesia samiae
Genus Madremyia
Species saundersii - Madremyia saundersii
Genus Myothyriopsis
Species picta - Myothyriopsis picta
Genus Phryxe
Species vulgaris - Phryxe vulgaris
Genus Siphosturmia
Species phyciodis - Siphosturmia phyciodis
Genus Tsugaea
Species nox - Tsugaea nox
Tribe Exoristini
Genus Austrophorocera
Genus Bessa
Species harveyi - Bessa harveyi
Genus Chetogena
Species tachinomoides - Chetogena tachinomoides
No Taxon subgenus Stomatomyia
Genus Exorista
Species dydas - Exorista dydas
No Taxon larvarum or mella
Species larvarum - Exorista larvarum
Genus Phorocera
Species webberi - Phorocera webberi
Genus Tachinomyia
Tribe Goniini
Genus Atacta
Species brasiliensis - Atacta brasiliensis
Genus Belvosia
Species bifasciata - Belvosia bifasciata
Species borealis - Belvosia borealis
Species canadensis - Belvosia canadensis
Species semiflava - Belvosia semiflava
Species townsendi - Belvosia townsendi
Species unifasciata - Belvosia unifasciata
Genus Chaetogaedia
Genus Chrysoexorista
Species ochracea - Chrysoexorista ochracea
Genus Distichona
Genus Gonia
Species brevipulvilli - Gonia brevipulvilli
Species crassicornis - Gonia crassicornis
Species frontosa - Gonia frontosa
Species fuscicollis - Gonia fuscicollis
Species sagax - Gonia sagax
Species senilis - Gonia senilis
Genus Hyphantrophaga
Species virilis - Hyphantrophaga virilis
Genus Leschenaultia
Species adusta - Leschenaultia adusta
Species bicolor - Leschenaultia bicolor
Species exul - Leschenaultia exul
Species halisidotae - Leschenaultia halisidotae
Species reinhardi - Leschenaultia reinhardi
Genus Mystacella
Species chrysoprocta - Mystacella chrysoprocta
Genus Patelloa
Species pachypyga - Patelloa pachypyga
Genus Platymya
Species confusionis - Platymya confusionis
Genus Spallanzania
Tribe Masiphyini
Genus Masiphya
Tribe Winthemiini
Genus Nemorilla
Species pyste - Nemorilla pyste
Genus Smidtia
Species fumiferanae - Smidtia fumiferanae
Genus Winthemia
Species abdominalis - Winthemia abdominalis
Species quadripustulata - Winthemia quadripustulata
Species reinhardi - Winthemia reinhardi
Species rufopicta - Winthemia rufopicta
Subfamily Phasiinae
Tribe Catharosiini
Genus Catharosia
Species nebulosa - Catharosia nebulosa
Tribe Cylindromyiini
Genus Besseria
Species atra - Besseria atra
Species brevipennis - Besseria brevipennis
Genus Cylindromyia
No Taxon subgenus Apinocyptera
Species signatipennis - Cylindromyia signatipennis
Species nana - Cylindromyia nana
No Taxon subgenus Cylindromyia
Species propusilla - Cylindromyia propusilla
Species intermedia - Cylindromyia intermedia
Species interrupta - Cylindromyia interrupta
Genus Hemyda
Species aurata - Hemyda aurata
Genus Penthosia
Species satanica - Penthosia satanica
Tribe Gymnosomatini
Genus Euclytia
Species flava - Euclytia flava
Genus Gymnoclytia
Species dubia - Gymnoclytia dubia
Species immaculata - Gymnoclytia immaculata
Species occidua - Gymnoclytia occidua
Species occidentalis - Gymnoclytia occidentalis
Species unicolor - Gymnoclytia unicolor
Genus Gymnosoma
Species canadense - Gymnosoma canadense
Species par - Gymnosoma par
Genus Trichopoda - Feather-legged Flies
No Taxon Subgenus Galactomyia
Species lanipes - Trichopoda lanipes
Species pennipes - Trichopoda pennipes
No Taxon Subgenus Trichopoda
Species indivisa - Trichopoda indivisa
Species plumipes - Trichopoda plumipes
Species subdivisa - Trichopoda subdivisa
Genus Xanthomelanodes
Species arcuatus - Xanthomelanodes arcuatus
Species atripennis - Xanthomelanodes atripennis
Species californicus - Xanthomelanodes californicus
Species flavipes - Xanthomelanodes flavipes
Tribe Leucostomatini
Genus Clairvillia
Species nitoris - Clairvillia nitoris
Species timberlakei - Clairvillia timberlakei
Genus Leucostoma
Species perrarum - Leucostoma perrarum
Species gravipes - Leucostoma gravipes
Species aterrimum - Leucostoma aterrimum
Tribe Phasiini
Genus Phasia
Species aldrichii - Phasia aldrichii
Species aurulans - Phasia aurulans
Species fenestrata - Phasia fenestrata
Species subopaca - Phasia subopaca
Tribe Strongygastrini
Genus Strongygaster
Species didyma - Strongygaster didyma
Species triangulifera - Strongygaster triangulifera
Subfamily Tachininae
Tribe Bigonichetini
Genus Triarthria
Species setipennis - Triarthria setipennis
Tribe Ernestiini
Genus Bombyliomyia
Species soror - Bombyliomyia soror
Genus Gymnocheta
Species ruficornis - Gymnocheta ruficornis
Genus Linnaemya
Species comta - Linnaemya comta
No Taxon subgenus Ophina
Genus Loewia
Species foeda - Loewia foeda
Genus Melanophrys
Species insolita - Melanophrys insolita
Species flavipennis - Melanophrys flavipennis
Genus Panzeria
Species ampelus - Panzeria ampelus
Species arcuata - Panzeria arcuata
Species manitoba - Panzeria manitoba
Tribe Graphogastrini
Genus Graphogaster
Genus Phytomyptera
Species flavipes - Phytomyptera flavipes
Species johnsoni - Phytomyptera johnsoni
Species melissopodis - Phytomyptera melissopodis
Species ruficornis - Phytomyptera ruficornis
Species tarsalis - Phytomyptera tarsalis
Species vitinervis - Phytomyptera vitinervis
Tribe Iceliini
Genus Icelia
Species triquetra - Icelia triquetra
Tribe Leskiini
Genus Aphria
Species ocypterata - Aphria ocypterata
Genus Clausicella
Species floridensis - Clausicella floridensis
Species geniculata - Clausicella geniculata
Species opaca - Clausicella opaca
Species setigera - Clausicella setigera
Species turmalis - Clausicella turmalis
Genus Crocinosoma
Species cornuale - Crocinosoma cornuale
Genus Drepanoglossa
Species tenuirostris - Drepanoglossa tenuirostris
Genus Genea
Species aurea - Genea aurea
Species pavonacea - Genea pavonacea
Species texensis - Genea texensis
Species brevirostris - Genea brevirostris
Genus Ginglymia
Species johnsoni - Ginglymia johnsoni
Genus Leskia
Species depilis - Leskia depilis
Species similis - Leskia similis
Species occidentalis - Leskia occidentalis
No Taxon Leskia or Genea
Tribe Megaprosopini
Genus Microphthalma
Species disjuncta - Microphthalma disjuncta
Genus Megaprosopus
Species regalis - Megaprosopus regalis
Tribe Minthoini
Genus Vanderwulpia
Species atrophopodoides - Vanderwulpia atrophopodoides
Species sequens - Vanderwulpia sequens
Genus Paradidyma
Species affinis - Paradidyma affinis
Species apicalis - Paradidyma apicalis
Species bicincta - Paradidyma bicincta
Species conica - Paradidyma conica
Species melania - Paradidyma melania
Species petiolata - Paradidyma petiolata
Species singularis - Paradidyma singularis
Tribe Myiophasiini
Genus Gnadochaeta
Species nigrifrons - Gnadochaeta nigrifrons
Species metallica - Gnadochaeta metallica
Genus Cholomyia
Species inaequipes - Cholomyia inaequipes
Tribe Nemoraeini
Genus Xanthophyto
Genus Macromya
Species crocata - Macromya crocata
Tribe Ormiini
Genus Ormia
Species brevicornis - Ormia brevicornis
Species lineifrons - Ormia lineifrons
Species ochracea - Ormia ochracea
Species reinhardi - Ormia reinhardi
Tribe Polideini
Genus Chromatocera
Species setigena - Chromatocera setigena
Genus Chrysotachina
Species longipennis - Chrysotachina longipennis
Genus Exoristoides
Species blattarius - Exoristoides blattarius
Species johnsoni - Exoristoides johnsoni
Genus Homalactia
Species harringtoni - Homalactia harringtoni
Genus Hystricia
Species abrupta - Hystricia abrupta
Genus Lydina
Species americana - Lydina americana
Genus Lypha
Species setifacies - Lypha setifacies
Genus Mauromyia
Genus Ostracophyto
Species flavicaudalis - Ostracophyto flavicaudalis
Tribe Siphonini
Genus Actia
Species diffidens - Actia diffidens
Species interrupta - Actia interrupta
Species dimorpha - Actia dimorpha
Genus Ceromya
Genus Goniocera
Species io - Goniocera io
Genus Siphona
Tribe Tachinini
Genus Adejeania
Species vexatrix - Adejeania vexatrix
Genus Archytas
No Taxon analis complex
Species apicifer - Archytas apicifer
Species californiae - Archytas californiae
Species analis - Archytas analis
No Taxon aterrimus or instabilis
Species aterrimus - Archytas aterrimus
Species lateralis - Archytas lateralis
Species marmoratus - marmoratus species group
Species metallicus - Archytas metallicus
Species rufiventris - Archytas rufiventris
Genus Copecrypta
Species ruficauda - Copecrypta ruficauda
Genus Deopalpus
Species contiguus - Deopalpus contiguus
Species hirsutus - Deopalpus hirsutus
Species parksi - Deopalpus parksi
Genus Epalpus
Species albomaculatus - Epalpus albomaculatus
Species rufipes - possibly Epalpus rufipes
Species signifer - Epalpus signifer
Genus Jurinella
Species lutzi - Jurinella lutzi
Genus Jurinia
Species pompalis - Jurinia pompalis
Genus Juriniopsis
Species adusta - Juriniopsis adusta
Species aurifrons - Juriniopsis aurifrons
Species floridensis - Juriniopsis floridensis
Genus Paradejeania
Species rutilioides - Spiny Tachina Fly
Subspecies rutilioides - Paradejeania rutilioides rutilioides
Subspecies nigrescens - Paradejeania rutilioides nigrescens
Genus Pararchytas
Species decisus - Pararchytas decisus
Genus Parepalpus
Species flavidus - Parepalpus flavidus
Genus Peleteria
No Taxon subgenus Panzeriopsis
No Taxon subgenus Peleteria
No Taxon subgenus Sphyrimyia
Species haemorrhoa - Peleteria haemorrhoa
Species anaxias - Peleteria anaxias
Species iterans - Peleteria iterans
Genus Protodejeania
Species hystricosa - Protodejeania hystricosa
Species echinata - Protodejeania echinata
Genus Rhachoepalpus
Species olivaceus - Rhachoepalpus olivaceus
Genus Tachina
Species latianulum - Tachina latianulum
Genus Xanthoepalpus
Species bicolor - Xanthoepalpus bicolor
No Taxon Peleteria or Deopalpus
No Taxon Tachina or Archytas
Genus Hypertrophocera
No Taxon Temporary page -- submissions reviewed/commented by Dr Woodley
No Taxon golden-fronted males from Erebidae
No Taxon Resembling Thelaira
No Taxon hairy eyes and parafacial
No Taxon immature stages · parasitized hosts · metamorphosis
No Taxon unidentified immature parasitoids
Superfamily Hippoboscoidea
Family Hippoboscidae - Louse Flies
Subfamily Hippoboscinae
Genus Hippobosca
Species longipennis - Dog Fly
Subfamily Lipopteninae
Genus Lipoptena
Species cervi - Deer Ked
Species depressa - Lipoptena depressa
Species mazamae - Neotropical Deer Ked
Genus Melophagus
Species ovinus - Sheep Ked
Subfamily Ornithomyinae
Genus Icosta
Species americana - Icosta americana
Genus Microlynchia
Species pusilla - Microlynchia pusilla 0
Genus Ornithoctona
Genus Ornithoica
Species vicina - Ornithoica vicina
Genus Ornithomya
Species anchineuria - Ornithomya anchineuria
Genus Pseudolynchia
Species canariensis - Pigeon Fly
Family Nycteribiidae
Genus Basilia
Species forcipata - Basilia forcipata
Species boardmani - Basilia boardmani
Family Streblidae - Bat Flies
Genus Nycterophilia
Genus Trichobius
Species corynorhini - Trichobius corynorhini