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Psocodea, dorsal - Echmepteryx hageni

Psocodea, dorsal - Echmepteryx hageni
Plymouth Rock, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA
Size: 2.4 mm
February 16, 2017: collecting Black Knot on cherries, also collected a this on an unidentified branch
May 22, 2017: found 1 weevil and 2 barklice (dead but in good condition)

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Psocodea, dorsal - Echmepteryx hageni Psocodea, head - Echmepteryx hageni Psocodea, lateral - Echmepteryx hageni Psocodea, ventral - Echmepteryx hageni Psocodea  - Echmepteryx hageni


Because of your great images ...
it is clear that this is Echmepteryx hageni.

If I had a memory,
the head pattern should have been familiar:

Thanks for sharing your expertise.