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Family Keroplatidae - Predatory Fungus Gnats

What type of fly is this? Unknown Fly from Tennessee Unknown Fly from Tennessee Unknown Fly Unknown Fly Proceroplatus elegans? Keroplatidae? Keroplatidae? Wasp, Fly? Wasp, Fly? Gathering on Strawberry bush Crane Fly? Keroplatidae, probably Keroplatus sp. Predatory Fungus Gnat (Keroplatidae) Predatory Fungus Gnat (Keroplatidae) Keroplatidae (Predatory Fungus Gnats) Keroplatidae (Predatory Fungus Gnats) Diptera larva? Larva ID Larva ID Fungus gnat ZH3Z2947 Haning around.  Being cool.  Hanging around.  Being cool.  Fungus Gnat