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My Bug - Scudderia mexicana

My Bug - Scudderia mexicana
Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, Gila County, Arizona, USA
May 1, 2006
This photo was taken at the Tonto Natural Bridge an Arizona State Park. From what I have read, this area has some unique features. The plant that it was on is an Arizona Cliff Rose (Purshia subintegra). This plant grows in a small region of Arizona and this photo was taken in the Verde Valley. The photo was sent to the U of A and they thought it was a juvenile from the Scudderia family.

Assigned to S. mexicana tentatively;
could also be S. furcata; adults from Tonto Bridge need to be examined to see which species is found there.

Moved from Nymphs.

I agree
- it's more red than the ones we usually see, but the pattern and banded antennae both fit. We have a whole section for these Scudderia nymphs in the guide, as apparently they can't be identified beyond genus at this stage. See here.

Lovely shot!