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Beetle Thorax

Beetle Thorax
Sand Springs, Osage County, Oklahoma, USA
October 1, 2007
Size: 3/8"
Ok, here is a test for the beetle experts. This is what I believe to be a beetle thorax. A buddy of mine found it and gave it to me to post. I never realized before how sturdy built an exoskeleton can be. This thing is like a piece of hardened plastic.
Can anybody tell what it's from ?
I'm thinking maybe a Boat-Backed beetle. What do you think ?

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Beetle Thorax Beetle Thorax Beetle Thorax

Moved from thorax, thoracic.
I agree with Jeff, this should be under Prothorax.

i think
i think it is the thorax of Promecognathus laevissimus.

Move to ID request, perhaps?
Should these images be in ID request? Or I guess it is OK to leave them under thorax in the glossary, but they are not really the whole thorax--just the exoskeleton of of the thorax.

Perhaps we should have a discussion of this in the forums, but I don't think it is the intent of the glossary to be, in general, a repository for images. We have some in it right now--all illustrations of anatomy, and not photographs of particular organisms.

I had it in ID Request until I got a couple of responses from Boris. I put it here for two reasons. 1). This is the definition of what a thorax is so I figured what better place to put a picture of one, even though it's just the exoskeleton and 2). I really didn't know where else to put it but I felt it adds value, at least for reference so I didn't want to frass it.

But, if you don't feel it should be here then I can move it to Carabidae. Just let me know.

No problem
No big deal--it is fine to leave under thorax as far as I am concerned. I just turned off the "representative" bit, because otherwise the images show up at the top guide page for the glossary, which is really not where anyone wants to see them--as a "contributor", you cannot change the representative bit, so it is not your fault at all.

Hmm. I may have a fix for that so it does not matter in the future

Should it be under prothorax? It is not the whole thorax.

Yes, Carabidae sp.
Maybe Ptero*stichus?