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Superfamily Ichneumonoidea - Braconid and Ichneumonid Wasps

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon "Parasitica" - Parasitoid Wasps
Superfamily Ichneumonoidea - Braconid and Ichneumonid Wasps

Family Braconidae - Braconid Wasps
Subfamily Acampsohelconinae
Subfamily Agathidinae
Tribe Agathidini
Genus Aerophilus
Species nigripes - Aerophilus nigripes
Genus Agathis
Species longipalpus - Agathis longipalpus
Species malvacearum - Agathis malvacearum
Genus Alabagrus
Species stigma - Alabagrus stigma
Species texanus - Alabagrus texanus
Genus Neothlipsis
Species cincta - Neothlipsis cincta
Species agilis - Neothlipsis agilis
No Taxon new species?
Species parysae - Neothlipsis parysae
Tribe Agathirsini
Genus Agathirsia
Species nigricauda - Agathirsia nigricauda
Species testacea - Agathirsia testacea
No Taxon undescribed species
Genus Crassomicrodus
Species clypealis - Crassomicrodus clypealis
Tribe Cremnoptini
Genus Cremnops
Species ashmeadi - Cremnops ashmeadi
Species comstocki - Cremnops comstocki
Species crassifemur - Cremnops crassifemur
Species desertor - Cremnops desertor
Species haematodes - Cremnops haematodes
Tribe Disophrini
Genus Zelomorpha
Species arizonensis - Zelomorpha arizonensis
Tribe Earinini
Genus Earinus
Species limitaris - Earinus limitaris
Genus Lytopylus - Lytopylus 0
Tribe Mesocoelini
Genus Genus-novum - annulipes group
Species annulipes - "Bassus" annulipes
Genus Therophilus
No Taxon images IDed by Dr Marsh as "possibly Agathidinae"
Subfamily Alysiinae
Tribe Alysiini
Genus Alysia
Genus Alysiasta
Genus Aphaereta
Genus Asobara
Genus Aspilota
Genus Chasmodon
Genus Dapsilarthra
Genus Dinotrema
Genus Glyphogaster
Genus Hoplitalysia
Genus Oenonogastra
Genus Orthostigma
Genus Pentapleura
Genus Phaenocarpa
Tribe Dacnusini
Genus Trachionus
Genus Coelinius - Coelinius Nees
Genus Chorebus
Subfamily Aphidiinae - Aphid Mummy Wasps
Tribe Ephedrini
Genus Ephedrus
Genus Toxares
Tribe Praini
Genus Praon
Tribe Aphidiini
Subtribe Monoctonina
Genus Monoctonus
Subtribe Trioxina
Genus Acanthocaudus
Species caudacanthus - Acanthocaudus caudacanthus
Genus Boreogalba
Species gladifer - Boreogalba gladifer
Genus Trioxys
Subtribe Aphidiina
Genus Adialytus
Genus Aphidius
Species ervi - Aphidius ervi
Genus Diaeretiella
Genus Lysiphlebus
Subfamily Brachistinae
Tribe Brachistini
Genus Aliolus
Genus Eubazus
Genus Nealiolus
Genus Schizoprymnus
Genus Triaspis
Tribe Blacini
Genus Blacus
Species ruficornis - Blacus ruficornis
Species chillcotti - Blacus chillcotti
Tribe Diospilini
Genus Diospilus
Subfamily Braconinae
Genus Atanycolus
Species cappaerti - Atanycolus cappaerti
Species longicauda - Atanycolus longicauda
Genus Bracon
Species mellitor - Bracon mellitor 0
Genus Compsobracon
Species magnificus - Compsobracon magnificus
Genus Compsobraconoides
Genus Iphiaulax
Genus Digonogastra
Genus Habrobracon
Species hebetor - Habrobracon hebetor
Genus Myosoma
Genus Vipio
No Taxon images IDed by Dr Marsh as "possibly Braconinae"
Subfamily Cardiochilinae
Genus Toxoneuron
Species nigriceps - Toxoneuron nigriceps
Genus Cardiochiles
Subfamily Cenocoeliinae
Subfamily Charmontinae
Genus Charmon
Species extensor - Charmon extensor
Species cruentatus - Charmon cruentatus
Subfamily Cheloninae
Genus Adelius
Species coloradensis - Adelius coloradensis
Species floridensis - Adelius floridensis
Genus Ascogaster
Genus Chelonus
Genus Phanerotoma
Genus Pseudophanerotoma
Species thapsina - Pseudophanerotoma thapsina
Subfamily Doryctinae
Genus Doryctes
Genus Doryctinus
Genus Glyptocolastes
Species texanus - Glyptocolastes texanus
Genus Heterospilus
Species eurostae - Heterospilus eurostae
Genus Odontobracon
Genus Spathius
Species elegans - Spathius elegans
Genus Monolexis
Species fuscicornis - Monolexis fuscicornis
Genus Rhaconotus
Species formicoides - Rhaconotus formicoides
No Taxon potential new genus, wingless
Subfamily Euphorinae
Tribe Cosmophorini
Tribe Dinocampini
Genus Dinocampus
Species coccinellae - Dinocampus coccinellae
Genus Ecclitura
Tribe Euphorini
Genus Leiophron
Genus Peristenus
Tribe Helorimorphini
Genus Aridelus
Species nigrithorax - Aridelus nigrithorax
Genus Chrysopophthorus
Species americanus - Chrysopophthorus americanus
Tribe Neoneurini
Genus Elasmosoma
Species michaeli - Elasmosoma michaeli
Species schwarzi - Elasmosoma schwarzi
Genus Neoneurus
Tribe Perilitini
Genus Microctonus
Species pilatus - Microctonus pilatus
Genus Perilitus
Tribe Pygostolini
Genus Pygostolus
Tribe Syntretini
Genus Syntretus
Tribe Townesilitini
Subfamily Exothecinae
Genus Colastes
Genus Xenarcha - Xenarcha 0
Genus Shawiana
Subfamily Hormiinae
Genus Hormius
Genus Parahormius
Subfamily Helconinae
Genus Helcon
Species pedalis - Helcon pedalis
Genus Wroughtonia
Species ferruginea - Wroughtonia ferruginea
Species frigida - Wroughtonia frigida
Species ligator - Wroughtonia ligator
Species necydalidis - Wroughtonia necydalidis
Subfamily Homolobinae
Genus Homolobus
Species infumator - Homolobus infumator
Species truncator - Homolobus truncator
Subfamily Ichneutinae
Genus Ichneutes
Genus Oligoneurus
Genus Lispixys
Genus Paroligoneurus
Subfamily Macrocentrinae
Genus Austrozele
Genus Dolichozele
Genus Hymenochaonia
Species nupera - Hymenochaonia nupera
Species delicata - Hymenochaonia delicata
Genus Macrocentrus
Species nigridorsis - Macrocentrus nigridorsis
Species marginator - Macrocentrus marginator
Species pyraustae - Macrocentrus pyraustae
No Taxon unidentified males
Subfamily Mendesellinae
Subfamily Meteorinae
Genus Meteorus
Species rubens - Meteorus rubens
Genus Zele
Species albiditarsus - Zele albiditarsus
Subfamily Microgastrinae
Genus Alphomelon
Genus Apanteles
Species diacrisiae - Apanteles diacrisiae
Species megathymi - Apanteles megathymi
No Taxon Subgenus Choeras
Genus Cotesia
Species congregata - Hornworm Parasitoid Wasp
Species electrae - Cotesia electrae
Species empretiae - Cotesia empretiae
Species glomerata - Cabbage White Parasitoid Wasp
Species flaviconchae - Cotesia flaviconchae
Species hemileucae - Cotesia hemileucae
Species theclae - Cotesia theclae
Genus Deuterixys
Genus Dolichogenidea
Genus Diolcogaster
Genus Glyptapanteles
Genus Hypomicrogaster
Species ecdytolophae - Hypomicrogaster ecdytolophae
Species zonaria - Hypomicrogaster zonaria
Genus Microgaster
Genus Microplitis
Genus Pholetesor
Species ornigis - Pholetesor ornigis
Genus Promicrogaster
Genus Protapanteles
Genus Rhygoplitis
Genus Sathon
Genus Distatrix
Subfamily Microtypinae
Genus Microtypus
Subfamily Miracinae
Genus Mirax
Subfamily Opiinae
Genus Biosteres
Genus Diachasmimorpha
Genus Opius
Genus Utetes
Subfamily Orgilinae
Genus Orgilus
Genus Stantonia
Subfamily Pambolinae
Genus Pambolus
Subfamily Proteropinae
Genus Proterops
Species proteroptoides - Proterops proteroptoides
Species abdominalis - Proterops abdominalis
Subfamily Rogadinae - Caterpillar Mummy Wasps
Genus Aleiodes - Common Mummy Wasps
No Taxon apicalis species-group
Species molestus - Aleiodes molestus
Species parasiticus - Aleiodes parasiticus
No Taxon circumscriptus/gastritor species-group
Species laphygmae - Armyworm Mummy Wasp
Species malacosomatos - Tent Caterpillar Mummy Wasp
Species nolophanae - Appleworm Mummy Wasp
Species scrutator - Aleiodes scrutator
Species stigmator - Stigmata Mummy Wasp
No Taxon coxalis species-group
Species aciculatus - Aleiodes aciculatus
Species sanctihyacinthi - Saint Hyacinth Mummy Wasp
No Taxon gasterator species-group
Species burrus - Aleiodes burrus
Species medicinebowensis - Aleiodes medicinebowensis
Species smithi - Smith's Banded Mummy Wasp
No Taxon melanopterus species-group
Species politiceps - Smooth-headed Mummy Wasp
No Taxon pilosus species-group
Species accohannocki - Aleiodes accohannocki
Species kisomm - Aleiodes kisomm
No Taxon praetor species-group
Species graphicus - Aleiodes graphicus
Species texanus - Aleiodes texanus
No Taxon procerus species-group
Species granulatus - Granular Mummy Wasp
No Taxon pulchripes species-group
Species quebecensis - Quebec Mummy Wasp
No Taxon unipunctator species-group
Species pseudoterminalis - False Terminal Mummy Wasp
Species terminalis - Terminal Mummy Wasp
Genus Polystenidea
Genus Triraphis
Species harrisinae - Triraphis harrisinae
Genus Stiropius
Species bucculatricis - Stiropius bucculatricis
Genus Yelicones
Species nigromarginatus - Yelicones nigromarginatus
Species delicatus - Yelicones delicatus
Species pilops - Yelicones pilops
No Taxon images IDed by Dr Marsh as "possibly Rogadinae"
Subfamily Rhysipolinae
Subfamily Rhyssalinae
Genus Acrisis
Genus Histeromerus
Species canadensis - Histeromerus canadensis
Subfamily Sigalphinae
Subfamily Telengaiinae
No Taxon Brachistinae or Cenocoeliinae (possibly)
No Taxon Braconinae or Doryctinae
No Taxon Hormiinae sensu lato (Exothecinae, Hormiinae, Pambolinae, Rhysipolinae, or Rhyssalinae)
No Taxon Macrocentrinae or Charmontinae
No Taxon Macrocentrinae or Homolobinae (Paul Marsh det.)
No Taxon Opiinae or Alysiinae (Paul Marsh det.)
No Taxon Cocoons and larvae
No Taxon tmp page: family expert-verified, further placement uncertain
No Taxon Wing venation examples
Family Ichneumonidae - Ichneumonid Wasps
Subfamily Acaenitinae
Genus Arotes
Species melleus - Arotes melleus
Species amoenus - Arotes amoenus
Species decorus - Arotes decorus
Genus Coleocentrus
Species flavipes - Coleocentrus flavipes
Species harringtoni - Coleocentrus harringtoni
Species occidentalis - Coleocentrus occidentalis
Subspecies occidentalis - Coleocentrus occidentalis occidentalis
Species pettiti - Coleocentrus pettiti
Species rufus - Coleocentrus rufus
Genus Spilopteron
Species formosum - Spilopteron formosum
Species franclemonti - Spilopteron franclemonti
Species vicinum - Spilopteron vicinum
Species occiputale - Spilopteron occiputale
Subfamily Adelognathinae
Subfamily Anomaloninae
Tribe Anomalonini
Genus Anomalon
Species ejuncidum - Anomalon ejuncidum
Species picticorne - Anomalon picticorne
Species reticulatum - Anomalon reticulatum
Tribe Gravenhorstiini
Genus Agrypon
Species flaveolatum - Agrypon flaveolatum
Species prismaticum - Agrypon prismaticum
Genus Aphanistes
Species rheumapterae - Aphanistes rheumapterae
Genus Barylypa
Genus Erigorgus
Genus Ophionellus
Species texanus - Ophionellus texanus
Genus Ophiopterus
Species cincticornis - Ophiopterus cincticornis
Subspecies cincticornis - Ophiopterus cincticornis cincticornis
Genus Therion
Species circumflexum - Therion circumflexum
Species longipes - Therion longipes
Species morio - Therion morio
Species nigripes - Therion nigripes
Species petiolatum - Therion petiolatum
Species tenuipes - Therion tenuipes
Species texanum - Therion texanum
No Taxon nigripes or tenuipes
Genus Trichomma
Species maceratum - Trichomma maceratum
Genus Heteropelma
Species datanae - Heteropelma datanae
No Taxon identified by Carlson as Therion - atypical unicolor hind legs
Subfamily Banchinae
Tribe Atrophini
Genus Arenetra
Species nigrita - Arenetra nigrita
Species rufipes - Arenetra rufipes
Genus Cryptopimpla
Species amblipennis - Cryptopimpla amblipennis
Species quadrilineata - Cryptopimpla quadrilineata
Subspecies jocosa - Cryptopimpla quadrilineata jocosa
Genus Diradops
Species bethunei - Diradops bethunei
Genus Hadrostethus
Species scitulus - Hadrostethus scitulus
Genus Lissonota
Species rubrica - Lissonota rubrica
Species scutellaris - Lissonota scutellaris
Genus Loxodocus
Species opacus - Loxodocus opacus
Species palloranus - Loxodocus palloranus
Genus Meniscomorpha
Species michiganensis - Meniscomorpha michiganensis
Genus Mnioes
Species lunatus - Mnioes lunatus
Genus Syzeuctus
Species comptus - Syzeuctus comptus
Species eximius - Syzeuctus eximius
Species elegans - Syzeuctus elegans
Species diplolepis - Syzeuctus diplolepis
Tribe Banchini
Genus Agathilla
Species bradleyi - Agathilla bradleyi
Genus Banchus
Species inermis - Banchus inermis
Species polychromus - Banchus polychromus
Species pallescens - Banchus pallescens
Genus Ceratogastra
Species ornata - Ceratogastra ornata
Genus Exetastes
Species angustoralis - Exetastes angustoralis
Species bituminosus - Exetastes bituminosus
Species fascipennis - Exetastes fascipennis
Species fornicator - Exetastes fornicator
Subspecies rufofemoratus - Exetastes fornicator rufofemoratus
Subspecies nervulus - Exetastes fornicator nervulus
Species obscurus - Exetastes obscurus
Species suaveolens - Exetastes suaveolens
Tribe Glyptini
Genus Apophua
Species simplicipes - Apophua simplicipes
Genus Glypta
Species albonotata - Glypta albonotata
Species animosa - Glypta animosa
Species fumiferanae - Glypta fumiferanae
Species ralla - Glypta ralla
Genus Sphelodon
Species phoxopteridis - Sphelodon phoxopteridis
Subfamily Brachycyrtinae
Genus Brachycyrtus
Species ornatus - Brachycyrtus ornatus
Species pretiosus - Brachycyrtus pretiosus
Subfamily Campopleginae
Genus Bathyplectes
Species infernalis - Bathyplectes infernalis
Species curculionis - Bathyplectes curculionis
Genus Casinaria
Genus Campoctonus
Genus Campoletis
Species sonorensis - Campoletis sonorensis
Genus Campoplex
Species frustranae - Campoplex frustranae
Genus Charops
Species annulipes - Charops annulipes
Genus Cymodusa
Species distincta - Cymodusa distincta
Genus Diadegma
Genus Dusona
Species egregia - Dusona egregia
Species laticincta - Dusona laticincta
Species rufescens - Dusona rufescens
Species wyomingensis - Dusona wyomingensis
Genus Enytus
Genus Eriborus
Species terebrans - Eriborus terebrans
Genus Hyposoter
Species fugitivus - Hyposoter fugitivus
No Taxon undescribed species
Species rivalis - Hyposoter rivalis
Genus Lathrostizus
Genus Lemophagus
Species curtus - Lemophagus curtus
Genus Olesicampe
Species benefactor - Olesicampe benefactor
Genus Phobocampe
Species geometrae - Phobocampe geometrae
Species unicincta - Phobocampe unicincta
Genus Sesioplex
Species depressus - Sesioplex depressus
Genus Sinophorus
Genus Synetaeris
Genus Tranosema
Genus Venturia
Species canescens - Venturia canescens
No Taxon unidentified potential adventive
Subfamily Collyriinae
Genus Collyria
Species coxator - Collyria coxator
Subfamily Cremastinae
Genus Cremastus
Genus Eiphosoma
Genus Nothocremastus
Species mellipes - Nothocremastus mellipes
Genus Pristomerus
Species baumhoferi - Pristomerus baumhoferi
Species euryptychiae - Pristomerus euryptychiae
Genus Tanychela
Genus Temelucha
Species ferruginea - Temelucha ferruginea
Species interruptor - Temelucha interruptor
Species sinuata - Temelucha sinuata
Genus Trathala
Species rostrata - Trathala rostrata
Species extensor - Trathala extensor
Genus Xiphosomella
Species dubia - Xiphosomella dubia
Subfamily Cryptinae
Tribe Aptesini
Genus Aptesis
Species nigrocincta - Aptesis nigrocincta
Genus Cubocephalus
Species atriclunis - Cubocephalus atriclunis
Genus Giraudia
Genus Megaplectes
Species monticola - Megaplectes monticola
Subspecies blakei - Megaplectes monticola blakei
Genus Oresbius
Species fulvibasis - Oresbius fulvibasis
Genus Pleolophus
Species basizonus - Pleolophus basizonus
Species indistinctus - Pleolophus indistinctus
No Taxon Anomalous male
Genus Polytribax
Species pallescens - Polytribax pallescens
Species contiguus - Polytribax contiguus
Genus Schenkia
Species parallela - Schenkia parallela
Tribe Cryptini
Subtribe Agrothereutina
Genus Agrothereutes
Species abbreviatus - Agrothereutes abbreviatus
Subspecies rufopectus - Agrothereutes abbreviatus rufopectus
Subspecies iridescens - Agrothereutes abbreviatus iridescens
Species cimbcivorus - Agrothereutes cimbcivorus
Species lophyri - Agrothereutes lophyri
Genus Apsilops
Species hirtifrons - Apsilops hirtifrons
Genus Aritranis
Species director - Aritranis director
Genus Gambrus
Species amoenus - Gambrus amoenus
Species canadensis - Gambrus canadensis
Species polyphemi - Gambrus polyphemi
Species ultimus - Gambrus ultimus
Genus Hoplocryptus
Species notatus - Hoplocryptus notatus
Subspecies notatus - Hoplocryptus notatus notatus
Genus Idiolispa
Species aestivalis - Idiolispa aestivalis
Species analis - Idiolispa analis
Subspecies analis - Idiolispa analis analis
Genus Trychosis
Species sulcata - Trychosis sulcata
Species similis - Trychosis similis
Subtribe Baryceratina
Genus Baryceros
Species audax - Baryceros audax
Species candidus - Baryceros candidus
Species fortis - Baryceros fortis
Species texanus - Baryceros texanus
Subtribe Cryptina
Genus Buathra
Species perplexa - Buathra perplexa
Species laborator - Buathra laborator
Genus Compsocryptus
Species calipterus - Compsocryptus calipterus
Species fasciipennis - Compsocryptus fasciipennis
Species resolutus - Compsocryptus resolutus
Species texensis - Compsocryptus texensis
Species xanthostigma - Compsocryptus xanthostigma
Genus Cryptus
Species rufovinctus - Cryptus rufovinctus
Species moschator - Cryptus moschator
Subspecies iroquois - Cryptus moschator iroquois
Species albitarsis - Cryptus albitarsis
Genus Ischnus
Species cinctipes - Ischnus cinctipes
Species inquisitorius - Ischnus inquisitorius
Subspecies atricollaris - Ischnus inquisitorius atricollaris
Species sparsus - Ischnus sparsus
Genus Lanugo
Species cestus - Lanugo cestus
Species retentor - Lanugo retentor
Genus Meringopus
Species relativus - Meringopus relativus
Species serraticaudus - Meringopus serraticaudus
Genus Xylophrurus
No Taxon Compsocryptus or Lanugo males
Subtribe Gabuniina
Genus Agonocryptus
Species discoidaloides - Agonocryptus discoidaloides
Genus Echthrus
Species abdominalis - Echthrus abdominalis
Species adillae - Echthrus adillae
Species niger - Echthrus niger
Genus Helcostizus
Species tibialis - Helcostizus tibialis
Subtribe Goryphina
Subtribe Lymeonina
Genus Lymeon
Species cinctiventris - Lymeon cinctiventris
Species orbus - Lymeon orbus
Genus Pachysomoides
Species fulvus - Pachysomoides fulvus
Species stupidus - Pachysomoides stupidus 0
Subtribe Mesostenina
Genus Cryptanura
Species septentrionalis - Cryptanura septentrionalis
Species spinaria - Cryptanura spinaria
Genus Mesostenus
Species gracilis - Mesostenus gracilis
Species sicarius - Mesostenus sicarius
Species thoracicus - Mesostenus thoracicus
Genus Polycyrtus
Species neglectus - Polycyrtus neglectus
Subtribe Osprynchotina
Genus Acroricnus
Species stylator - Acroricnus stylator
Subspecies aequatus - Acroricnus stylator aequatus
Subspecies edwardsii - Acroricnus stylator edwardsii
Subspecies niger - Acroricnus stylator niger
Genus Messatoporus
Species compressicornis - Messatoporus compressicornis
Species discoidalis - Messatoporus discoidalis
Species rufiventris - Messatoporus rufiventris
Genus Stenarella
Species domator - Stenarella domator
Subtribe Sphecophagina
Genus Sphecophaga
Species vesparum - Sphecophaga vesparum
Subfamily Ctenopelmatinae
Tribe Ctenopelmatini
Genus Ctenopelma
Species nigricorne - Ctenopelma nigricorne
Genus Homaspis
Genus Notopygus
Species virginiensis - Notopygus virginiensis
Genus Xenoschesis
Tribe Euryproctini
Genus Anisotacrus
Species spatiosus - Anisotacrus spatiosus
Genus Euryproctus
Genus Hypamblys
Genus Mesoleptidea
Tribe Mesoleiini
Genus Alexeter
Species canaliculatus - Alexeter canaliculatus
Genus Barytarbes
Genus Himerta
Species rubiginosa - Himerta rubiginosa
Genus Mesoleius
Species submarginatus - Mesoleius submarginatus
Species tenthredinis - Mesoleius tenthredinis
Genus Otlophorus
Genus Saotis
Genus Scopesis
Tribe Perilissini
Genus Lathrolestes
Genus Opheltes
Species glaucopterus - Opheltes glaucopterus
Subspecies barberi - Opheltes glaucopterus barberi
Genus Perilissus
Genus Trematopygodes
Genus Zaplethocornia
No Taxon Unrecognized Genus
Tribe Pionini
Genus Rhorus
Genus Sympherta
Tribe Scolobatini
Genus Scolobates
Species auriculatus - Scolobates auriculatus
Subfamily Cylloceriinae
Genus Cylloceria
Species caligata - Cylloceria caligata
Species impolita - Cylloceria impolita
Subfamily Diacritinae
Genus Diacritus
Species muliebris - Diacritus muliebris
Subfamily Diplazontinae - Hover Fly Parasitoid Wasps
Genus Enizemum
Species petiolatum - Enizemum petiolatum
Genus Diplazon
Species deletus - Diplazon deletus
Species laetatorius - Common Hover Fly Parasitoid Wasp
Species pectoratorius - Diplazon pectoratorius
Genus Homotropus
Genus Promethes
Species sulcator - Promethes sulcator
Genus Sussaba
Species pulchella - Sussaba pulchella
Genus Syrphoctonus
Genus Woldstedtius
Species flavolineatus - Woldstedtius flavolineatus
Subfamily Eucerotinae
Genus Euceros
Subfamily Hybrizontinae
Genus Hybrizon
Species flavocinctus - Hybrizon flavocinctus
Species rileyi - Hybrizon rileyi
Subfamily Ichneumoninae
Tribe Ichneumonini
No Taxon Amblyteles Genus Group
Genus Diphyus
Species apiculatus - Diphyus apiculatus
Species ormenus - Diphyus ormenus
Species provancheri - Diphyus provancheri
No Taxon undescribed species
Genus Ectopimorpha
Species wilsoni - Ectopimorpha wilsoni
Genus Eutanyacra
Species consignata - Eutanyacra consignata
Species improvisa - Eutanyacra improvisa
Species melanotarsis - Eutanyacra melanotarsis
Species suturalis - Eutanyacra suturalis
Species vilissima - Eutanyacra vilissima
Genus Limerodops
Species mariannae - Limerodops mariannae
Species belangeri - Limerodops belangeri
Genus Neamblymorpha
Species milva - Neamblymorpha milva
Genus Netanyacra
Genus Setanta
Species compta - Setanta compta
Subspecies marginata - Setanta compta marginata
Subspecies compta - Setanta compta compta
Species parsimonica - Setanta parsimonica
Genus Spilichneumon
Genus Tricholabus
No Taxon Callajoppa Genus Group
Genus Catadelphops
Species nasutus - Catadelphops nasutus
Genus Conocalama
Species brullei - Conocalama brullei
Species quebecensis - Conocalama quebecensis
Species canadensis - Conocalama canadensis
Genus Gnamptopelta
Species obsidianator - Gnamptopelta obsidianator
Genus Saranaca
Species apicalis - Saranaca apicalis
Species elegans - Saranaca elegans
Genus Tmetogaster
Species nubilipennis - Tmetogaster nubilipennis
No Taxon Listrodromus Genus Group
Genus Anisobas
Genus Neotypus
Species nobilitator - Neotypus nobilitator
No Taxon Protichneumon Genus Group
Genus Coelichneumon
Species azotus - Coelichneumon azotus
Species barnstoni - Coelichneumon barnstoni
Species eximius - Coelichneumon eximius
Species deliratorius - Coelichneumon deliratorius
Subspecies cinctitarsis - Coelichneumon deliratorius cinctitarsis
Species navus - Coelichneumon navus
Species orpheus - Coelichneumon orpheus
Species pervagus - Coelichneumon pervagus
Species pulcher - Coelichneumon pulcher
Species punctifer - Coelichneumon punctifer
Species sassacus - Coelichneumon sassacus
Species viola - Coelichneumon viola
Species vitalis - Coelichneumon vitalis
Genus Protichneumon
Species effigies - Protichneumon effigies
Species grandis - Protichneumon grandis
No Taxon Trogus Genus Group
Genus Trogus
Species edwardsii - Trogus edwardsii
Species flavipennis - Trogus flavipennis
Species fulvipes - Trogus fulvipes
Species lapidator - Trogus lapidator
Species pennator - Trogus pennator
Species vulpinus - Trogus vulpinus
No Taxon pennator or vulpinus
Genus Aoplus
Species thujarum - Aoplus thujarum
Species confirmatus - Aoplus confirmatus
Species pseudovelox - Aoplus pseudovelox
Species velox - Aoplus velox
Genus Barichneumon
Species peramoenus - Barichneumon peramoenus
Species sorex - Barichneumon sorex
Genus Carinodes
Genus Cratichneumon
Species annulatipes - Cratichneumon annulatipes
Species arizonensis - Cratichneumon arizonensis
Species duplicatus - Cratichneumon duplicatus
Species facetus - Cratichneumon facetus
Species flavipectus - Cratichneumon flavipectus
Species paratus - Cratichneumon paratus
Species pseudanisotae - Cratichneumon pseudanisotae
Species pteridis - Cratichneumon pteridis
Species russatus - Cratichneumon russatus
Species subfilatus - Cratichneumon subfilatus
Species sublatus - Cratichneumon sublatus
Species tyloidifer - Cratichneumon tyloidifer
Species unifasciatorius - Cratichneumon unifasciatorius
Species vescus - Cratichneumon vescus
Species viator - Cratichneumon viator
Subspecies acerbus - Cratichneumon viator acerbus
Species vinnulus - Cratichneumon vinnulus
Species w-album - Cratichneumon w-album
No Taxon Anomalous Female
No Taxon undescribed species
Genus Ctenichneumon
Species columbianus - Ctenichneumon columbianus
Species minor - Ctenichneumon minor
Species semicaeruleus - Ctenichneumon semicaeruleus
Genus Hemihoplis
Species propitius - Hemihoplis propitius
Genus Homotherus
Species porcelariae - Homotherus porcelariae
No Taxon undescribed species
Genus Hoplismenus
Species rutilus - Hoplismenus rutilus
Subspecies rutilus - Hoplismenus rutilus rutilus
Species morulus - Hoplismenus morulus
Subspecies morulus - Hoplismenus morulus morulus
Subspecies pacificus - Hoplismenus morulus pacificus
Genus Ichneumon
Species ambulatorius - Ichneumon ambulatorius
Species annulatorius - Ichneumon annulatorius
Species centrator - Ichneumon centrator
Species chasmodops - Ichneumon chasmodops
Species clasma - Ichneumon clasma
Species devinctor - Ichneumon devinctor
Species dionymus - Ichneumon dionymus
Species feralis - Ichneumon feralis
Species feriens - Ichneumon feriens
Species fuscifrons - Ichneumon fuscifrons
Species lacrymans - Ichneumon lacrymans
Species laetus - Ichneumon laetus
Species lewisii - Ichneumon lewisii
Species mendax - Ichneumon mendax
Species nigrovariegatus - Ichneumon nigrovariegatus
Species subdolus - Ichneumon subdolus
Species ultimus - Ichneumon ultimus
No Taxon undescribed species 1
No Taxon undescribed species 2
No Taxon undescribed species 3
No Taxon undescribed species 4
Genus Limonethe
Species maurator - Limonethe maurator
Genus Melanichneumon
Species disparilis - Melanichneumon disparilis
Species honestus - Melanichneumon honestus
Species indecoroatus - Melanichneumon indecoroatus
Species leviculops - Melanichneumon leviculops
Species pluto - Melanichneumon pluto
Genus Menkokia
Species blandii - Menkokia blandii
Genus Obtusodonta
Genus Orgichneumon
Species calcatorius - Orgichneumon calcatorius
Genus Patrocloides
Species montanus - Patrocloides montanus
Genus Plagiotrypes
Species concinnus - Plagiotrypes concinnus
Genus Platylabops
Species faciens - Ichneumon faciens
Species pecki - Platylabops pecki
Genus Protopelmus
Species atrocaeruleus - Protopelmus atrocaeruleus
Genus Pseudoplatylabus
Species townesi - Pseudoplatylabus townesi
Genus Rubicundiella
Species annulicornis - Rubicundiella annulicornis
Species mucronata - Rubicundiella mucronata
Species perturbatrix - Rubicundiella perturbatrix
Genus Stenichneumon
Species culpator - Stenichneumon culpator
Subspecies cincticornis - Stenichneumon culpator cincticornis
Genus Stenobarichneumon
Species saundersii - Stenobarichneumon saundersii
Species pygmaeops - Stenobarichneumon pygmaeops
Species pergracilis - Stenobarichneumon pergracilis
Genus Thyrateles
Species lugubrator - Thyrateles lugubrator
Genus Trogomorpha
Species trogiformis - Trogomorpha trogiformis
Species arrogans - Trogomorpha arrogans
Genus Virgichneumon
Species zebratus - Virgichneumon zebratus
Species subcyaneus - Virgichneumon subcyaneus
Genus Vulgichneumon
Species terminalis - Vulgichneumon terminalis
Species brevicinctor - Vulgichneumon brevicinctor
No Taxon undescribed genus
Tribe Phaeogenini
Genus Aethecerus
Species parvus - Aethecerus parvus
Genus Centeterus
Genus Colpognathus
Species helvus - Colpognathus helvus
Genus Diadromus
Genus Dicaelotus
Species gelechiae - Dicaelotus gelechiae
Genus Dirophanes
Species mellinus - Dirophanes mellinus
Genus Eparces
Species quadriceps - Eparces quadriceps
Genus Epitomus
Genus Herpestomus
Genus Heterischnus
Species coloradensis - Heterischnus coloradensis
Species huardi - Heterischnus huardi
Genus Jesthura
Species pyriformis - Jesthura pyriformis
Genus Phaeogenes
Species nigridens - Phaeogenes nigridens
No Taxon undescribed species 2
Species hebrus - Phaeogenes hebrus
No Taxon undescribed species 1
Genus Tycherus
Species ater - Tycherus ater
Tribe Platylabini
Genus Ambloplisus
Species ornatus - Ambloplisus ornatus
Genus Asthenolabus
Species scutellatus - Asthenolabus scutellatus
Species canadensis - Asthenolabus canadensis
Genus Cyclolabus
Species gracilicornis - Cyclolabus gracilicornis
No Taxon undescribed species
Genus Linycus
Species exhortator - Linycus exhortator
Subspecies thoracicus - Linycus exhortator thoracicus
Genus Platylabus
Species berndi - Platylabus berndi
Species clarus - Platylabus clarus
Species opaculus - Platylabus opaculus
Subspecies americanus - Platylabus opaculus americanus
Species ornatus - Platylabus ornatus
Subfamily Labeninae
Genus Grotea
Species californica - Grotea californica
Species anguina - Grotea anguina
Species lokii - Grotea lokii
Genus Labena
Species tinctipennis - Labena tinctipennis
Species grallator - Labena grallator
Subfamily Lycorininae
Genus Lycorina
Species glaucomata - Lycorina glaucomata
Species scitula - Lycorina scitula
Subfamily Mesochorinae
Genus Astiphromma
Species splenium - Astiphromma splenium
Genus Cidaphus
Species australis - Cidaphus australis
Species occidentalis - Cidaphus occidentalis
Species paniscoides - Cidaphus paniscoides
Genus Mesochorus
Species americanus - Mesochorus americanus
Species discitergus - Mesochorus discitergus
Species giberius - Mesochorus giberius
Species uniformis - Mesochorus uniformis
Subfamily Metopiinae
Genus Chorinaeus
Species aequalis - Chorinaeus aequalis
Species longicalcar - Chorinaeus longicalcar
Genus Colpotrochia
Species crassipes - Colpotrochia crassipes
Species fultoni - Colpotrochia fultoni
Species trifasciata - Colpotrochia trifasciata
Species texana - Colpotrochia texana
Genus Exochus
Species atriceps - Exochus atriceps
Species decoratus - Exochus decoratus
Species semirufus - Exochus semirufus
Species albifrons - Exochus albifrons
Species spilotus - Exochus spilotus
Species nigripalpis - Exochus nigripalpis
Subspecies tectulum - Exochus nigripalpis tectulum
Species rutilatus - Exochus rutilatus
Genus Hypsicera
Genus Leurus
Species caeruliventris - Leurus caeruliventris
Genus Metopius
Species galbaneus - Metopius galbaneus
Species krombeini - Metopius krombeini
Species notatus - Metopius notatus
Species pollinctorius - Metopius pollinctorius
Genus Seticornuta
Species terminalis - Seticornuta terminalis
Genus Spudaeus
Species scaber - Spudaeus scaber
Genus Triclistus
Species pallipes - Triclistus pallipes
Species emarginalus - Triclistus emarginalus
Species podagricus - Triclistus podagricus
Genus Trieces
Species integer - Trieces integer
Subfamily Neorhacodinae
Genus Neorhacodes
Species brevicauda - Neorhacodes brevicauda
Subfamily Ophioninae - Short-tailed Ichneumonid Wasps
Genus Enicospilus
No Taxon americanus complex
Species americanus - Enicospilus americanus
Species glabratus - Enicospilus glabratus
Species texanus - Enicospilus texanus
Species peigleri - Enicospilus peigleri
Species cubensis - Enicospilus cubensis
Species flavostigma - Enicospilus flavostigma
Species guatemalensis - Enicospilus guatemalensis
Species purgatus - Enicospilus purgatus
Genus Eremotylus
Species subfuliginosus - Eremotylus subfuliginosus
Genus Ophion
Species idoneus - Ophion idoneus
Species nigrovarius - Ophion nigrovarius
Species slossonae - Ophion slossonae
No Taxon Dark-winged
No Taxon Unidentified: No-ramellus
No Taxon Yellow-winged
No Taxon Dark-mesoscutum
No Taxon Dark-winged, dark-mesoscutum, dark-abdomen
Genus Rhynchophion
Species flammipennis - Rhynchophion flammipennis
Species woodi - Rhynchophion woodi
Genus Simophion
Species excarinatus - Simophion excarinatus
Genus Thyreodon
Species apricus - Thyreodon apricus
Species atricolor - Thyreodon atricolor
Subspecies atricolor - Thyreodon atricolor atricolor
Subspecies flavicornis - Thyreodon atricolor flavicornis
Species fernaldi - Thyreodon fernaldi
Species ornatipennis - Thyreodon ornatipennis
Species rivinae - Thyreodon rivinae
Species umbrifer - Thyreodon umbrifer
Genus Trophophion
Species tenuiceps - Trophophion tenuiceps
Subfamily Orthocentrinae
Genus Aperileptus
Species bellulus - Aperileptus bellulus
Genus Eusterinx
Genus Neurateles
Genus Orthocentrus
Genus Picrostigeus
Genus Proclitus
Genus Stenomacrus
Subfamily Orthopelmatinae
Genus Orthopelma
Subfamily Oxytorinae
Genus Oxytorus
Subfamily Phygadeuontinae
Tribe Phygadeuontini
Subtribe Acrolytina
Genus Diaglyptidea
Genus Isdromas
Species lycaenae - Isdromas lycaenae
Genus Lysibia
Species mandibularis - Lysibia mandibularis
Subtribe Bathytrichina
Genus Bathythrix
Species triangularis - Bathythrix triangularis
Subtribe Chiroticina
Genus Chirotica
Subtribe Endaseina
Genus Endasys
Species mucronatus - Endasys mucronatus
Species oregonianus - Endasys oregonianus
Species subclavatus - Endasys subclavatus
Species texanus - Endasys texanus
Genus Glyphicnemis
Species mandibularis - Glyphicnemis mandibularis
Species vulgaris - Glyphicnemis vulgaris
Genus Medophron
Subtribe Gelina
Genus Dichrogaster
Species chrysopae - Dichrogaster chrysopae
Species crassa - Dichrogaster crassa
Genus Gelis
Species tenellus - Gelis tenellus
Subtribe Hemitelina
Genus Polyaulon
Species canadensis - Polyaulon canadensis
Species erythropa - Polyaulon erythropa
Species grandis - Polyaulon grandis
Subtribe Mastrina
Genus Mastrus
Species smithii - Mastrus smithii
Genus Pygocryptus
Species brevicornis - Pygocryptus brevicornis
Subspecies echthroides - Pygocryptus brevicornis echthroides
Species exochus - Pygocryptus exochus
Subtribe Phygadeuontina
Genus Orthizema
Genus Phygadeuon
Genus Sulcarius
Subtribe Stilpnina
Genus Atractodes
Genus Mesoleptus
Species ignotus - Mesoleptus ignotus
No Taxon Undescribed genus 1 (Presumptive)
No Taxon Undescribed genus 2 (Probable)
Subfamily Pimplinae
Tribe Delomeristini
Genus Pseudorhyssa
Species nigricornis - Pseudorhyssa nigricornis
Genus Perithous
Species scurra - Perithous scurra
Subspecies pleuralis - Perithous scurra pleuralis
Subspecies neomexicanus - Perithous scurra neomexicanus
Genus Delomerista
Tribe Ephialtini
No Taxon Polysphincta Genus Group
Genus Acrotaphus
Species fuscipennis - Acrotaphus fuscipennis
Species wiltii - Acrotaphus wiltii
Genus Eruga
Species lineata - Eruga lineata
Genus Oxyrrhexis
Species carbonator - Oxyrrhexis carbonator
Subspecies texana - Oxyrrhexis carbonator texana
Genus Schizopyga
Species frigida - Schizopyga frigida
Genus Sinarachna
Species pallipes - Sinarachna pallipes
Subspecies strigis - Sinarachna pallipes strigis
Genus Zatypota
Species alborhombarta - Zatypota alborhombarta
Species anomala - Zatypota anomala
Species crassipes - Zatypota crassipes
No Taxon Tromatobia genus-group
Genus Clistopyga
Species atrata - Clistopyga atrata
Species recurva - Clistopyga recurva
Genus Iseropus
Species stercorator - Iseropus stercorator
Subspecies orgyiae - Iseropus stercorator orgyiae
Species coelebs - Iseropus coelebs
Genus Tromatobia
Species notator - Tromatobia notator
Species ovivora - Tromatobia ovivora
Species rufopectus - Tromatobia rufopectus
Species zonata - Tromatobia zonata
Genus Zaglyptus
Species pictilis - Zaglyptus pictilis
Species varipes - Zaglyptus varipes
Subspecies incompletus - Zaglyptus varipes incompletus
No Taxon Dolichomitus genus-group
Genus Acropimpla
Species alboricta - Acropimpla alboricta
Genus Calliephialtes
Species ferrugineus - Calliephialtes ferrugineus
Species grapholithae - Calliephialtes grapholithae
Species notandus - Calliephialtes notandus
Genus Dolichomitus
Species pygmaeus - Dolichomitus pygmaeus
Species pterelas - Dolichomitus pterelas
Species irritator - Dolichomitus irritator
Genus Endromopoda
Species producta - Endromopoda producta
Genus Ephialtes
Species decumbens - Ephialtes decumbens
Genus Exeristes
Species comstockii - Exeristes comstockii
Genus Scambus
Species hispae - Scambus hispae
Species tecumseh - Scambus tecumseh
Species vesicarius - Scambus vesicarius
Species pterophori - Scambus pterophori
Tribe Pimplini
Genus Apechthis
Species annulicornis - Apechthis annulicornis
Species ontario - Apechthis ontario
Species picticornis - Apechthis picticornis
Genus Itoplectis
Species viduata - Itoplectis viduata
Species conquisitor - Itoplectis conquisitor
Genus Pimpla
Species aequalis - Pimpla aequalis
Species annulipes - Pimpla annulipes
Species aquilonia - Pimpla aquilonia
Species marginella - Pimpla marginella
Species maura - Pimpla maura
Species pedalis - Pimpla pedalis
Species punicipes - Pimpla punicipes 0
Species sanguinipes - Pimpla sanguinipes
Subspecies erythropus - Pimpla sanguinipes erythropus
Subspecies sanguinipes - Pimpla sanguinipes sanguinipes
Species sodalis - Pimpla sodalis
Subspecies longigenalis - Pimpla sodalis longigenalis
Species turionellae - Pimpla turionellae
No Taxon sanguinipes erythropus or varians
Tribe Theroniini
Genus Theronia
Species atalantae - Theronia atalantae
Subspecies fulvescens - Theronia atalantae fulvescens
Species hilaris - Theronia hilaris
Genus Neotheronia
Species bicincta - Neotheronia bicincta
Subspecies floridana - Neotheronia bicincta floridana
Species septentrionalis - Neotheronia septentrionalis
Subfamily Poemeniinae
Genus Neoxorides
Species borealis - Neoxorides borealis
Species caryae - Neoxorides caryae
Species pilusus - Neoxorides pilusus
Genus Podoschistus
Species vittifrons - Podoschistus vittifrons
Genus Poemenia
Subfamily Rhyssinae
Genus Megarhyssa - Giant Ichneumonid Wasps
Species atrata - Black Giant Ichneumonid Wasp
Species greenei - Greene's Giant Ichneumonid Wasp
Species macrurus - Long-tailed Giant Ichneumonid Wasp
Subspecies icterosticta - Megarhyssa macrurus icterosticta
Subspecies macrurus - Megarhyssa macrurus macrurus
Species nortoni - Norton's Giant Ichneumonid Wasp
Subspecies quebecensis - Megarhyssa nortoni quebecensis
Subspecies nortoni - Megarhyssa nortoni nortoni
No Taxon greenei or macrurus
Genus Rhyssella
Species nitida - Rhyssella nitida
Species humida - Rhyssella humida
Genus Rhyssa
Species alaskensis - Rhyssa alaskensis
Species crevieri - Rhyssa crevieri
Species howdenorum - Rhyssa howdenorum
Species lineolata - Rhyssa lineolata
Species persuasoria - Rhyssa persuasoria
Species ponderosae - Rhyssa ponderosae
No Taxon crevieri or lineolata
Subfamily Tersilochinae
Genus Allophroides
Genus Allophrys
Species divaricata - Allophrys divaricata
Genus Barycnemis
Genus Stethantyx
Species nearctica - Stethantyx nearctica
Subfamily Tryphoninae
Tribe Exenterini
Genus Acrotomus
Species succinctus - Acrotomus succinctus
Genus Exenterus
Species amictorius - Exenterus amictorius
Species canadensis - Exenterus canadensis
Genus Smicroplectrus
Species walleyi - Smicroplectrus walleyi
Genus Eridolius
Genus Exyston
Species maculosum - Exyston maculosum
Species reniformis - Exyston reniformis
Species variatum - Exyston variatum
Genus Cteniscus
Tribe Idiogrammatini
Genus Idiogramma
Species comstockii - Idiogramma comstockii
Tribe Oedemopsini
Genus Hercus
Species fontinalis - Hercus fontinalis
Genus Oedemopsis
Species davisi - Oedemopsis davisi
Genus Thymaris
Species kansensis - Thymaris kansensis
Species negligere - Thymaris negligere
Genus Zagryphus
Species nasutus - Zagryphus nasutus
Tribe Phytodietini
Genus Netelia
Species johnsoni - Netelia johnsoni
Species leo - Netelia leo
Genus Phytodietus
Species solicitanae - Phytodietus solicitanae
Species vulgaris - Phytodietus vulgaris
Species burgessi - Phytodietus burgessi
Tribe Tryphonini
Genus Boethus
Genus Cosmoconus
Species petiolatus - Cosmoconus petiolatus
Genus Erromenus
Species ungulatus - Erromenus ungulatus
Genus Polyblastus
Species fulvilinealis - Polyblastus fulvilinealis
Species stenocentrus - Polyblastus stenocentrus
Species tibialis - Polyblastus tibialis
Genus Tryphon
No Taxon Subgenus Symboethus
Species seminiger - Tryphon seminiger
Subfamily Xoridinae
Genus Aplomerus
Genus Odontocolon
Species albotibiale - Odontocolon albotibiale
Species atripes - Odontocolon atripes
Species bicolor - Odontocolon bicolor
Species mellipes - Odontocolon mellipes
Species ochropus - Odontocolon ochropus
Genus Xorides
Species humeralis - Xorides humeralis
Species albopictus - Xorides albopictus
Species calidus - Xorides calidus
Species californicus - Xorides californicus
Species cincticornis - Xorides cincticornis
Species peniculus - Xorides peniculus
Species stigmapterus - Xorides stigmapterus
Subspecies stigmapterus - Xorides stigmapterus stigmapterus
Subspecies floridanus - Xorides stigmapterus floridanus