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The North American Grasshoppers, volume I, Acrididae, Gomphocerinae and Acridinae
By Daniel Otte
Harvard, 1981
ISBN: 0-674-62660-5
Cite: 150417 with citation markup [cite:150417]
This is a very thorough treatment of the Slant-face Grasshoppers. It is full of information on behavior, has descriptions and maps of all species, as well as high quality illustrations of nearly all. It is extremely useful as an identification guide, as well as for learning about these fascinating insects. It covers all of North America from Panama northward. The treatment is still nearly up to date, with little having changed since it was published. I believe it is out of print now, but I find it still occasionally available. Hopefully it will be reprinted.
Harvard University Press

What about the other subfamil
What about the other subfamilies like Melanoplinae?

The Band-wing Grasshoppers
were covered by a companion volume, but the other subfamilies have not been covered similarly for North America in recent decades. Rehn and Hebard did a lot of work on them through the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences, and they did publish revisions of the Romaleinae and the Tetrigidae back around the '50's or early '60's I think (perhaps earlier) that appeared as publications in journals, but not in book form - though the reprints pretty much qualify as books. I do not have citations handy, but they are easy to look up online. Daniel Otte has been working on Melanoplinae in recent decades, and has published journal articles, but when I talked to him last he seemed unsure if he'd ever get a book(s) finished for the group - we can hope so.