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Unidentified Owlet Moth - Annaphila decia

Unidentified Owlet Moth - Annaphila decia
Lane County, Oregon, USA
April 19, 2018
Size: About 2 cm. wide
Cropped, at good suggestion of Bob.

If you click on "Add Image"
then it will add the new image as a second image to the original. But if you click on "Edit" as Bob suggests, then you are back on your original submission page and you can simply replace the old image with the new one by browsing to the new image.

Moved from ID Request.

Better Crop
This is a good crop, but next time just select "edit" and then browse to the new file, to replace an image. You can replace any of your images at any time.

Replacing images
Bob, I appreciate your guidance!
I had tried as you suggested, but it only ADDED the second photo, and I couldn't find a way to delete the original. So I started over.