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A moth perhaps  - Apantesis ornata

A moth perhaps - Apantesis ornata
Napa, Napa County, California, USA
April 25, 2018
Noticed this guy eve of last night


Moved from ID Request.

Huh... In California in Apri
Huh... In California in April, it should probably be Apantesis ornata, but it really looks more like Apantesis parthenice, which is a more eastern species and generally seen a little later in the year. Maybe one got on a truck from Tennessee and was confused by the time zone change. (:

Here's Apantesis ornata:
Here's Apantesis parthenice:

I'm from the east coast, so you'll have to wait for someone better at these moths or more local to you to tell you for sure, in case there's a look-a-like species I'm not aware of. (: