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Orb Weaver Web - Araneus diadematus

Orb Weaver Web - Araneus diadematus
Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington, USA
October 14, 2007
Finally got that shot I'd been waiting for. This web has been slightly damaged, and I'll get to watch the spider repair it or build a new one later today.

Lynette, I was browsing aroun
Lynette, I was browsing around looking for something else and came upon this shot. Great job! We need more of this kind of thing, especially if the critter who makes it is known.

Thanks Bryan
I agree, it's great to place the web shots with the spiders. I wish it was easier to photograph them!

It really is a beautiful shot.

If I were to squint just right, I feel like I might be able to make out the words, "SOME PIG". :-)

I hate bugs and esp spiders but I do love their webs. You take beautiful pics!!

What an absolutely brilliant
and perfectly composed photo. I love this.