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Under-represented regions

Going north next summer? I mean way north where the season is short for many taxa. If so, you could corner the market on bugguide images from some of those locales.

So far four Canadian provinces show signs of needing attention from photographers looking for species unique to those life zones:
Northwest Territories: no images
Nunavut: no images
Prince Edward Island: 2 images
Yukon: 3 images

Stephen Cresswell was talking about getting folks together to go to the Northwest Territory next summer. I'd love to go, but I'm not sure I could afford plane ticket to Yellowknife. :) Anyone interested in some far north bugging should get ahold of Stephen.

Passport, too....
Now you need a passport, too, so be sure to plan W-A-A-A-Y ahead:-) Silly government administration (grumble, grumble).

It's good to have a passport.
You never know when you might be invited to join an entomological expedition to even more exotic regions.

Papers, please!
Yes, now you need a passport to visit exotic Canada. I feel safer already. :)