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Flea Beetle, black beetle with white stripes - Kuschelina ulkei

Flea Beetle, black beetle with white stripes - Kuschelina ulkei
Fort Bragg, Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA
April 20, 2005
Pretty sure this is a flea beetle, especially by the way it jumped off the wall when I touched it.
First image for NC and bugguide.

Moved from Kuschelina.

Moved from Disonycha.

Kuschelina. I'll ID it furthe
Kuschelina. I'll ID it further latter when I have the time but it is certainly in the miniata complex.

Okay, although Blake's revisi
Okay, although Blake's revision (1927) of this species group used aedeagi as part of the couplet choices the width of the dark vittae and range places it as K. ulkei. The first picture of this species for the guide. Host plants would most certainly be Scrophulariaceae such as Aglainis or Seymeria (spelling?).

and probably
the first picture of it on the internet

Moved from Flea Beetles.

Yes, seems to have thick femora
Appears to be a Disonycha sp.

don't think it is Disonycha
This one reminds me more of a scirtid (particularly a common peruvian Ora sp looks similar)