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Cratichneumon? - Xiphydria

Cratichneumon? - Xiphydria
California/Home, St. Mary's County, Maryland, USA
August 14, 2017
I found this small Ichneumonid at our porch light last summer. Any chance of a species or at least genus? Thanks!

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Cratichneumon? - Xiphydria Cratichneumon? - Xiphydria

Happened upon this seeking comparison to an iNaturalist observation. From Smith's (1976) descriptions, this is most consistent with Xiphydria tibialis. All other observations of that species here are females, which are more darkly coloured. The male, by contrast, normally has a red abdomen with contrasting lateral white spots (yellow here).

Sadly, I had collected one of these last summer but forgot it and when I went to try and photograph it, it was a mass of mold. Will try again this summer. I get them at the moth sheet or porch light annually.

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I collected two of this genus last night at my moth sheet. What should I look for to get from genus to species?

Unfortunately, I wouldn't know.
You might try contacting Dave Smith, who provided a lot of the BugGuide IDs for this genus. He may be able to identify the specimen or point you in the direction of a good key.

Good luck!

Will try that.