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Bristly Fly on my Hand

Bristly Fly on my Hand
Near Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia, USA
April 15, 2005
This fellow was lapping up sweat on my left hand and really didn't want to leave. Finally I lifted the camera and took a picture of fly and hand. No easy task to hold camera and 180mm lens with one hand and take a reasonably sharp picture!

I am also posting a dorsal view of this individual.

This one reminds me of photos I have seen of flies in the family Sarcophagidae. But then again, it also looks like images of Tachinid flies. Help with ID appreciated.

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Bristly Fly on my Hand Bristly Fly on my Hand

Moved from Tachinidae.

Tachinidae, possibly Exoristini
Tachinidae, possibly Exoristini

Moved from Flesh Flies.

GREAT SHOT! You are a genius with a camera!

Thanks! And thanks to Chris at who identified it as a probable member of genus Sarcophaga in the family Sarcophagidae.


Stephen Cresswell
Buckhannon, WV