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Sparganothis boweri ? - Sparganothis xanthoides

Sparganothis boweri ? - Sparganothis xanthoides
Garrett State Forest, Garrett County, Maryland, USA
June 30, 2018
attracted to mercury vapor light, is this Sparganothis boweri ?

Moved to Sparganothis xanthoides
Moved from Sparganothis boweri.

Aaron's working on these and I think this is one to which he was referring that should be moved. I'd have moved it before but wanted to make sure. He can move it back if I got it wrong. The wing shape seems better too.

Yes, another xanthoides
I had been treating darker, less contrasting females as boweri and lighter females as xanthoides, but I see now I was imagining a distinction between two groups of xanthoides because I assumed there were some females of each species in the guide.

Moved from ID Request.

Looks it
The ones I’ve seen vary considerably in coloration; this is on the darker side.

Should this be moved? I see no BOLD or fascicle examples with the dark smudge just inside the middle of the inner margin.

smudge noted
I am not the expert, but I can see the smudge that you mention. Maryland would not be out of the range of either moth.

sexually dimorphic
I don't know if this is identified correctly but females tend to be darker (1). Same for xanthoides. Boweri wings average narrower.

native woods
maybe it's the rich diet the moths enjoy in the native woods! I will go ahead and move it. Thanks!