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Acrobasis 716 - Acrobasis

Acrobasis 716 - Acrobasis
Pymatuning Reservoir, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, USA
July 2, 2004
Acrobasis angusella perhaps?

Moved from Moths.

I am no expert but my try is #5674--Acrobasis demotella. Looks Acrobasis for sure.

Thanks for the help.
I'm moving it to the genus level. I agree that the giss of the live examples of A. demotella on MPG look like a better match but looking at the pinned examples, the giss of A. angusella could be argued as a better match. That's why I kind of ignored the giss and focused on details in making my guess.

All the examples of A. demotella have pale heads and smooth PM lines while my image has a dark head and jagged PM line. My image also has a pair of stick pin spots in the reniform/subreniform spot area which appear in several of the other Acrobasis species but not in A. demotella.

I'm not dismissing A. demotella. I just don't know how to eliminate A. angusella or any other Acrobasis for that matter.