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Beetle - Acanthoscelides aureolus

Beetle - Acanthoscelides aureolus
Cody, Park County, Wyoming, USA
June 4, 2004
Size: 1/4 inch
found in NW Wyoming, around 7000 ft elevation on a small sunflower blossom

Moved from Acanthoscelides.


Acanthoscelides sp.
15567- Acanthoscelides sp.

Dr. John M. Kingsolver
Florida State Collection of Arthropods
Gainsville, FL

i suspect A. aureolus (Horn, 1873)

looks like . . .
Bruchidius villosus (formerly: fasciatus), originating from Europe - but photo does not allow for REALLY safe identification.

cheers, Boris

Seed weevil.
Spectacular image of a bruchid of some kind. Tiny insect! Bruchids used to be in their own family (Bruchidae), but are now lumped with Chrysomelidae. Eighty percent of our North American species are associated with legumes.