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wall spider - male

wall spider - Male
Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
November 8, 2007
This is on the bedroom wall near the ceiling.

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wall spider - male wall spider wall spider

Male - Leafcurling Sac Spider
Tom, I'm not sure of the exact species and this guy is most likely a sub-adult male, due to the light coloring of the palps. (teenager?)
Please compare with this guy. (mature adult) Clubiona canadensis: ♂ What do you think?

Hi Tom
Do you happen to have an image showing the entire legs on this one?

Picture added
This is the only one I took that shows pretty much all the legs.

Thanks Tom
It sure seems like a sac spider to me. The legs just don't look long enough for Cheiracanthium. (we had two suggestions for that family/genera... one below & one from Rod by email). What was your impression (if you can remember). Perhaps you have a regular population of these and have photographed other specimens from in your home?

Sac Spider
Lynette, that looks right to me too, and I do get them at the house when I think to look for them.

Moved from True Spiders.

says a non-spider specialist, or one of the genera that used to be in Clubionidae and are now in perhaps Miturgidae.