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Species Thysania zenobia - Owl Moth - Hodges#8647

The underwing moths (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) of Oklahoma
By John M. Nelson, Peter W. Loy
Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science, 63: 60-67, 1983

New species of nocturnal moths of the genus Campometra, and notes
By John B. Smith
Proceedings of The United States National Museum 22: 101-105, 1899

A generic revision of the American moths of the subfamily Hypeninae, with descriptions of new genera and species
By William Schaus
Proceedings of The United States National Museum, 50: 259-399, 1916
Many original descriptions.

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A revision of some species of Noctuidae heretofore referred to the genus Homoptera (Boisduval)
By John B. Smith
Proceedings of the United States National Museum 35: 209-275, 1908
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The last instar caterpillars of Oxycilla tripla Grote, and Colobochyla interpuncta Grote (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae.
By George L. Godfrey
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 74(1): 78-85, 1972

Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea: Erebidae of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA.
By Michael G. Pogue
Zootaxa 3153: 1–31 , 2012
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Species Accounts for 25 Erebidae species (BG links for convenience updating guide pages)

Subfamily Aventiinae (Tutt, 1896)
Oruza albocostaliata (Packard) - The White-Edge

Subfamily Boletobiinae (Grote, 1895)
Metalectra discalis (Grote, 1876) - Common Fungus Moth
Metalectra quadrisignata (Walker, 1858) - Four-spotted Fungus Moth
Metalectra richardsi (Brower, 1941) - Richards’ Fungus Moth

Additions and corrections to the check list of the Noctuoidea (Insecta, Lepidoptera) of North America north of Mexico IV
By Schmidt, B.C., J.D. Lafontaine & J.T. Troubridge
ZooKeys. 788: 241-252, 2018

Description and notes on the Noctuidae.
By Augustus Radcliffe Grote
Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History 16: 239-245, 1874
Grote, A.R., 1874Description and notes on the Noctuidae. Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History 16: 239-245