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10th Dragon of the season - Celithemis fasciata - female

10th Dragon of the season - Celithemis fasciata - Female
Cass County, Texas, USA
June 14, 2007
I am pretty sure this is a female Banded Pennant but I will wait for confirmation before moving it to: "Celithemis fasciata".


This one does look female
It is a different 10th Dragon -- a Dragoness!

I sure glad I get the gender of some right. I think I will start to just play it safe and leave the gender designation off my Dragonfly images unless I am 100% positive, lol.


to guide

I think your right (but I've not had the pleasure of seeing this species yet maybe get a second confirmation).

Very nice specimen and great photo.

If you have two photos of the same individual you can link them. After you've uploaded the first I believe there is a button you can "add another photo" and you don't have to re-enter all the info. After they are uploaded (like now) you can click "tag" on both then you should have an option under the tagged images to "link images".

to Kaylee for the assistance. It is appreciated.