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Species Litaneutria skinneri

IPM of Midwest landscapes
[University of Minnesota Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability]

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Afonin A.N. et al., eds. (2008) Interactive agricultural ecological atlas of Russia and neighboring countries
Afonin A.N., Greene S.L., Dzyubenko N.I., Frolov A.N. (eds.) (2008) Interactive agricultural ecological atlas of Russia and neighboring countries. Economic plants and their diseases, pests and weeds

Fact sheets

Maine Forest Service insect and disease fact sheets

Forest invasive alien species (Canadian Forest Service)
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Bartlett T. (2013) Nature Closeups. Troy Bartlett's photography blog: Focusing on nature's little wonders
lots of excellent material from BG's founding father

New York State Rare Animal Status List
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation latest list in PDF
Includes Arthropods

[cite: 754143]

HYPPZ Encyclopédie des ravageurs européens
profiles of ~300 European pests, incl. non-arthropods

BOLD: The Barcode of Life Data Systems
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