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Three-lined Potato Beetle - Lema daturaphila

Three-lined Potato Beetle - Lema daturaphila
Jim Thorpe, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, USA
July 15, 2007

nice addition
nice addition to the guide Jo Ann. Did you have the adults identified earlier? (L. trilineata is very similar). Do you know what plant it is they are feeding on here. Note the larva carry some excrements on their back. This is pretty unusual in leafbeetles, but typical for Lema and relatives

I'm sure of which ones they a
I'm sure of which ones they are-I didn't post an adult photo--hmm-I have a bunch too-I must go dig one out to post. The were feeding on Woody Nightshade in this photo but I've seen them eating potato plants another poisonous plants-they nearly killed my daughter's potato plant project!

I remember the first time I heard them squeaking like little birds when I picked them up.

check for yourselve here
Yes they love species of Solanum like the potato. Check your photos with Lema trivittata in the guide here
The two species are very much alike and it seems both not uncommon. So it could be both. Read the identification text and hopefully we can get a safe identification.
All Criocerinae can stridulate; also something otherwise rare in the leafbeetle family