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Embioptera Possibility - Acantholyda erythrocephala

Embioptera Possibility - Acantholyda erythrocephala
Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA
April 16, 2005
Size: 1 inch approx
Wondering if this could be a web spinner. Found in rock garden by small pine sampling.

Moved from Sawflies.

Pine False Webworm
Acantholyda erythocephala of the Web-spinning or Pamphiliidae family. Female. Males are all black with orangish-yellow on the lower face. Serious problem on white pine along east coast of U.S. Also in Ont, Alberta and Newfoundland. Introduced from Europe in 1925.

Acantholyda species
I found a site with a picture that matches yours, but it looks like a western european site. Here's the site with Acantholyda erythrocephala pictured towards the bottom of the page.

No, it is a wasp
No, this is clearly a wasp, and it belongs to the Symphyta (Sawflies), the wasps without the wasp taille.
Gerard Pennards

I agree, it is a sawfly, maybe one of the web-spinning sawflies in the Pamphiliidae, maybe genus Acantholyda, as they are known to feed on conifers (as larvae). Nice photo!

Identification of Wasp
Thanks very much Gerard, I am an entomology student in the midst of a collection/identification project. Appreciate it.