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Tiny moth - Acrolophus mycetophagus

Tiny moth - Acrolophus mycetophagus
Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida, USA
August 21, 2018
Size: Length ≈5mm
At outdoor light. I am too ignorant to place this moth, tried all reasonably likely (and even unlikely) families in MPG through Noctuidae and may have missed it.

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Tiny moth - Acrolophus mycetophagus Tiny moth - Acrolophus mycetophagus

Moved from ID Request.

Clothes Moth
The wing shape seems to point elsewhere, but it could be a slightly worn version of this critter. Check out the long white hairs on those legs. (small size)
Acrolophus mycetophagus: Frilly Grass Tubeworm Moth

That's it.
Thank you, Bob, for the eye-opener. Yes, I now see that trace of a tuft of hair-like scales on the front legs. I thought I would always recognize this species, having a few in my files ranging from 5 to 12(!) mm, but failed this time. I'm going to frass these photos, having an August record in BugGuide already.

I don't think that you should frass. This is a good example of the variations of features for this species.

Thanks, Bob
I was about to do it - there are far too many unnecessary and redundant images in the Guide, but these, perhaps are not redundant. So be it - thank you for sharing your opinion and your interest.