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nursery web spider?   - Dolomedes vittatus - female

nursery web spider? - Dolomedes vittatus - Female
Gibbs Gardens, Cherokee County, Georgia, USA
August 31, 2018
Size: 5"+ including legs
possible Pisaurina mira? huge, tan spider in a roundish den enclosed with webs and containing masses of tiny baby spiders ... next to a pond but that seemed incidental ... surprised we've never seen one before

Moved from ID Request.

Reasonably common by us
Usually crawling through the leaf litter. Except at nesting time when leaves webbed together such as in your image are fairly common in the woods.

looks like Pisaurina mira to us too

Thanks you all! Are these uncommon spiders? We're in the field all the time - they're huge - and we've never seen one. Have a good holiday weekend ...