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Leaf mine fallen birch leaf - Stigmella

Leaf mine fallen birch leaf - Stigmella
Glocester, George Washingston Campground, Providence County, Rhode Island, USA
September 15, 2018
Leaf mine found in a fallen leaf; Betula lenta (black birch). Tall canopy, wet woods, few understory plants in a state-run campground.

Moved from Unidentified Leaf Mines.

I might be able to narrow it down more if I could see the early part of the mine better, but there are a number of possible Stigmella species on birch.

Thanks for the direction on this. I wasn't really expecting an ID even as good as genus. I picked this up during my daughter's class camping trip and was showing the kids the mine. Thanks for the tip about backlighting, by the way. They really loved the idea that there was a caterpillar so small it could live inside a leaf!